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Howard Chairs

There’s no denying that seating is one of the most important things you’ll consider when it comes to furnishing your home or sprucing up your interior design. Not only are chairs necessary for their obvious practical purpose, but they can also have complete sway over how a space looks and feels depending on their design. So it goes without saying that finding the right seating for your home is absolutely vital.

The best seating is that which doesn’t just look great and offer comfort, but also has its own distinct personality and ambience. This is exactly what Howard chairs offer, thanks to their classic appearance and ornate design. So sit back, relax and explore our impressive collection of Howard chairs right here at Vinterior.

Why choose antique Howard chairs?

Howard & Sons was first established way back in 1810, and since then has been creating endlessly stunning seating even to this day. The brand has earned a global reputation as makers of bespoke furniture who are still leaders in their industry almost 200 years later.

Antique Howard chairs hail from the brand’s true golden age, with 19th century piece which simply ooze elegant, luxury and history. These are pieces designed to make people stop and take notice; a piece of furniture history which you can cherish for years and years to come.

What to look for in antique Howard and Sons chairs

Antique Howard chairs make use of durable woods like mahogany to create seating designed to stand the test of time and daily use, as well as stand out from the crowd. Having been lovingly crafted using tried and tested methods, these chairs feature high backs with ornately curved designs, as well as smooth curved legs which are quintessential of the highest quality 19th century furniture.

The seat itself can feature a range of different upholstery, with different colour and pattern combinations all providing a different look and ambience. This allows antique Howard chairs to provide not just comfort, but endless style too.

How to introduce Howard chairs into your home

The popularity of Howard chairs has sustained throughout the 20th and 21st century, and this should come as no surprise. The sleek elegance of the design is unrivalled, and has led to some of the most beloved seating designs of the last two centuries.

While Howard chairs undoubtedly stand out, they can also feel right at home within a variety of settings. Of course, these luxurious chairs are the perfect addition to any dining room. Why not invest in Howard chairs with a range of upholstery patterns to keep things fresh? They can also work as an attractive desk chair.

Why shop for antique Howard chairs at Vinterior?

Seeking out original antique Howard chairs by searching around local marketplaces and second-hand shops can be a tiring experience, especially because there is no guarantee that your search will be successful. But thanks to Vinterior, this is now thankfully a thing of the past.

Vinterior is the number one online marketplace for furniture that’s full of character, be it antique, vintage, retro or artisan. Our collection includes thousands of premium pieces, each one completely unique with its own story to tell. We carefully select only the highest quality pieces from more than one thousand trusted sellers, brands and designers.

We also love all things contemporary and upcycled here at Vinterior too, so you’ll also find a wide array of modern furniture pieces and vintage pieces which have been lovingly brought into the 21st century. There are even bespoke pieces available.Put your feet up in style by exploring the range of antique Howard chairs available at Vinterior.