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Hostess Trollies for sale at Vinterior

Make struggling with drinks-laden trays a thing of the past, with a stylish and useful vintage hostess trolley. Entertaining a room full of guests is stressful enough without having to struggle from kitchen to living room with a tray groaning under the weight of drinks and snacks.

This is where a vintage hostess trolley comes to the rescue. Bring all refreshments through in one go, on an attractive, charming piece of furniture, and once the guests have gone, pop it back in the kitchen as a handy storage space for spices or cleaning products. If you're not much of a host, keep it in the bathroom as a place to store toiletries, or in the kid's bedroom for them to keep their toys on. Hostess trolleys are endlessly useful, and you will find a wide variety of them at Vinterior.

Why choose a period hostess trolley?

You may be wondering why you should buy a vintage hostess trolley instead of a newly made one. Surely a modern one will be more capable of holding drinks, bottles, and other heavy things than an old model? Not necessarily. One of the benefits that heritage furniture has over modern, mass-produced pieces is its proven durability. In the Vinterior collection, you will find hostess trolleys from the 70s, 60s, 50s, and even earlier, yet each one is more than capable of holding whatever you wish to store in them; proof of the unrivalled craftsmanship that went into them.

We love new and upcycled hostess trolleys too

Occasionally however, period hostess trolleys do fall victim to time. Yet many of the products you will find listed on our online marketplace have been lovingly restored by expert craftsmen. Sometimes they even give it an entirely new look, incorporating new fabrics, colour schemes and adornments without losing the character that gives the piece its original, timeless design. This upcycling and repurposing of old pieces is partly what makes purchasing vintage furniture one of the most environmentally friendly ways to decorate your home, making you feel less guilty when you fill your hostess trolley with drink!

The best thing about vintage furniture, however, has to be its character. They just don't make them like they used to. It could be a modernist chrome creation from the 50s, or a dainty art deco piece from the 30s. Each trolley will have its own story to share with you, but all share that thing common to all historical pieces: plenty of personality.

What to look for in a vintage hostess trolley?

Presumably the first question you should ask yourself when you're purchasing a hostess trolley is what kind of host do you want to be? Do you want something sturdy and grand to sit in the corner of your living room with a decanter of whisky? In which case, a teak mid century Danish design, with its sharp lines and dark polish could be perfect for you. If, on the other hand, you want something daintier and more manoeuvrable to serve afternoon tea on, a beautifully patterned Italian piece, or a repurposed art deco trolley, will be right up your street. Whatever your style and taste, Vinterior has the hostess trolley for you.

Why shop for a vintage hostess trolley at Vinterior?

At Vinterior we deal with only the most reputable sellers, to ensure our customers get the best selection of quality antique, vintage and upcycled items. We are dedicated to preserving the history of fine antique furniture, and providing beautiful, practical, and above all, characterful pieces to our buyers, so they may be enjoyed for many more years to come. The perfect entertainment tool is just a click away. Explore our online marketplace today to see our wide variety of antique and artisan hostess trolleys for yourself.