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Whether you have a contemporary space, something more traditional, or even a Period home, a Hollywood Regency table lamp will provide the perfect finishing touch to your interior. Hollywood Regency design harks back to the golden age of the movies. Drawing on design inspiration from the 1930s, 40s and 50s, our table lamps offer a combination of traditional regency styling from the early 19th Century with mid 20th Century glamour. Brass, gilding, marble and Faux Bamboo is all part of the look and really in vogue at the moment. Hollywood Regency brings you that classic Casablanca cocktail lounge mood so redolent of the 1940s film of the same name with Bergman and Bogart. Combining real style with perfect functionality, Vinterior offers you a collection of Hollywood Regency table lamps which will beautifully illuminate a living area, dining room, office or bedroom. Browse our extensive collection of stunning table lamps today.

Why choose Hollywood Regency table lamps?

Whether you are just looking for a sophisticated lamp to complete an interior or are in love with Hollywood Regency style and want to furnish an entire room, we have a selection of authentic quality lamps for your home.

From sleek metallic designs from Dutch designers like Herda, to more ornate vintage lamps with their original shades, there are endless styles to choose from. For a luxurious bedroom, a pair of brass Regency Hollywood style table lamps can frame a statement bed perfectly. Look out for features like original oversized pleated shades, and strong colours like royal purple, white and silver. You may wish to put one either side of the bed or split them up, one on the dressing table and the other on a chest of drawers.

Some lamp styles are elegant in their simplicity but there are others that are gorgeously opulent and these can be real statement pieces in the right location. Choose a lamp with the main body in the shape of palm leaves or, for a solo striking lamp to sit in a hallway or on a low table as a feature in a living space, choose a lamp with animal elements that tell a story. Hollywood Regency lamps can go big and bold if you really want to make a statement. Features such as smoked glass orbs, integral candles and striking silhouettes can bring a sense of whimsy to any space as well as a strong feeling of chic design.

The Art Deco colonnade style lamps from the 1930s with their cocktail bar chic seem to suit any interior, whether you have a minimalist modern setting or a more traditional background. The combination of the styling of the base and the sheen of the metal when illuminated by the lamp creates a beautiful warm glow which is soft and inviting wherever you choose to place it.

Shop for Hollywood Regency table lamps with Vinterior?

Here at Vinterior we have sourced a stunning collection of Hollywood Regency table lamps to suit your home whatever the interior look you are seeking to create. Our collection includes many original vintage pieces from throughout the 20th century which are still int heir original condition, as well as other pieces which have been authentically refurbished. Whatever style you choose, you’ll find nothing but quality within our collection of many thousands of items. We only house the best pieces from the most trusted sellers, option for character, charm and quality every time.