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An end table is basically a small table placed next to a piece of furniture. Small, occasional tables and collections of nesting tables are really back in vogue at the moment as well as being the most practical items in the home. Check out Vinterior’s selection of Hollywood Regency End Tables, to bring a touch of American movie glamour and style to your home.

Choosing Hollywood Regency end tables

An end table can have so many uses within the home. An end table in the hallway is perfect for bits and pieces as people come in and go – place a tray for your car keys, a vase for some flowers or even a docking station for your telephone. In a lounge or living area, a small table beside an armchair or sofa is ideal for a phone or tablet, glasses, a book or a cup of coffee. As decorative pieces, an end table can look perfectly placed on a landing with either a vase or ornament.

While the purpose and function of an end table is relatively simple and you may think that any table will serve your purpose, it is worth considering how important these little touches can be to achieving the overall aesthetic in your home. For that reason, shopping vintage and looking to a period of style and flair – such as Hollywood Regency – can really make all the difference.

A large oval Hollywood Regency end table works well as the focal point of a living area or lounge. This design sits perfectly with the on-trend soft furnishings of the 1970s, which have a slightly more curved look than pieces from the previous decade. Oval shaping suggests inclusivity and an element of informality reinforced by the lower height which works for lounge seating.

And these tables are just so practical as well as looking sumptuous. Small square end tables in glass and polished brass chime well with the angular modernist lines of 1960s furniture, which is so popular at the moment. Pop one in the lounge or dining room to display items such as photographs or decorative pieces or leave them unadorned and let the style just speak for itself.

Hollywood Regency end tables: what’s in the design?

Regency design is a classical style that dates back to the early 19th century. Hollywood Regency design is the 20th Century “take” on this elegant, traditional style fused with American glamour and opulence from the golden era of film.

Hollywood Regency Design brings classical styling together with glass, often smoked glass, brass and chrome and lacquer. It echoes the luxury look of the Art Deco period which survived into the 1950s pausing briefly because of the Second World War. Hollywood Regency end tables bring a real feel of old style charm and glamour, no matter what the interior you are looking to furnish.

Choose a handsome Italian burr walnut table with a delicate brass gallery and sumptuous ormolu feet. This piece is perfect at the end of a sofa as a lamp table or eye-catching in a dining room to serve drinks or coffee from. A pair of matching tables can offer a perfect symmetry in any room, perhaps two identical Hollywood Regency Goran Belgium glass end tables with an unusual two-tier effect. Choosing pieces like this can be a stunning way to display decorative items or to present cocktails and canapés at a dinner party.

Shop for Hollywood Regency end tables with Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we have an extensive collection of Hollywood Regency end tables, courtesy of our national network of sellers. These pieces offer great versatility and look good almost anywhere. Browse our listings and find your inspiration.