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Are you just a little in love with the Hollywood style of the last century? Well, take a look at our collection of Hollywood Regency dining tables for some authentic American style and glamour, right in the heart of your home. Hollywood Regency is a specific design style typified by the bold use of colour and contrasting themes. The use of metal and glass is commonplace. The style encapsulates the Golden Age of Hollywood and so these pieces date from around the 1920s through to the mid-20th century. If you love the idea of incorporating a little flair into your dining space so that you can give your guests a memorable experience every time they visit, why not check out our range of Hollywood Regency dining tables.

Choosing Hollywood Regency dining tables

Here at Vinterior we have some exceptional Hollywood Regency dining tables, which can become a focal point in a traditional dining room or at the heart of a contemporary open-plan living and dining space. The sleekness of the glass and the simplicity of the look accords well with modernist and minimal interiors but these tables still retain a sense of old style, with a healthy dose of opulence and glamour.

Choose a 1970s piece with ornate travertine columns, a glass top and finished in brass and chrome. Choosing such imposing and sturdy columns as the legs of the table make an incredible statement in the home. The curved design connecting the legs is mirrored in the delicate almost filigree work around the top of the table.

If the idea of placing two coliseum-esque pillars in your dining room is too much, you will also find sleeker options on our marketplace, with chromed metal and brass legs, Look out, in particular for those with an eye-catching geometric base.

Incorporating Hollywood Regency dining tables at home

There are three words that are commonly used in relation to any description of the Hollywood Regency style. They are ‘chrome’, ‘glass’ and ‘lacquer’. The intention of this iconic style was to create a piece that was sumptuous and opulent and fitted right in with the glamour of Hollywood’s Golden Era. So, if you want your dining room to look as though it has been transported direct from the silver screen and is fit for hosting the biggest celebrity names, you would do well to explore our listings here at Vinterior.

Glass is the popular choice of table top for a Hollywood Regency dining table and is the perfect opportunity to display really beautiful china. White china can disappear from sight on a traditional tablecloth, yet it seems to come to life on a glass table. If you wish to take this look further, you can even match your dining set with some retro coloured wine glasses with clear glass stems – the glass table top will reflect the bowl of the wine glass and the colour to perfection. White candles and elegant Hollywood Regency candlesticks will complete the look for a dinner or supper party. A couple of stylish clear or coloured glass vases will display the table to beautiful effect when it is not being used for dining.

Grey or white chairs seem to set off the Hollywood Regency look to perfection or opt for gold chairs, a stylish and luxurious complement to the table. White chairs with a green seat can team with a Hollywood Regency table and create a lovely slightly colonial style, perfect in a conservatory or garden room.

Shop for Hollywood Regency dining tables with Vinterior

Here at Vinterior we work hard with our sellers to bring you only the very best genuine and authentic pieces from the glory days of Hollywood. If this look is one you want to bring into your home, then you have come to the right place. Explore our listings now and find your inspiration.