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Here at Vinterior we regualrly feature Hollywood Regency Benches to bring a more interesting and varied form of seating to your home. The Regency style has been endlessly imitated and copied from its first appearance in the early 19th century. The elegant classical lines of the Regency period have always appeared periodically in furniture design if indeed they ever went away. Now add some real Hollywood glamour and pizzaz from the 1930s and 1940s and you have Hollywood Regency, a fusion of classical elegance with the glamour of the golden age of film. Find out what a Hollywood Regency bench could offer you by browsing our listings today.

The appeal of Hollywood Regency benches

A Hollywood Regency bench offers you not only a very practical and portable piece of furniture but also something totally redolent of the best of 20th century design. It really is layer upon layer of history and style fused into one piece of furniture. Browsing through our listings you will notice that benches come in all sizes and with a number of variations – some with backs to the seat and others without, for example.

Benches offer an alternative form of seating and they make a wonderful occasional piece in a hallway or on a landing. They can sit perfectly at the end of a bed or pop neatly into the corner of your lounge or living area. You will be surprised at how many people will pick up a small bench and camp next to someone they want to chat to in a lounge or dining room. A Hollywood regency bench really can be a wonderfully informal and impromptu social space.

Faux bamboo in varying shades from a light tan to a deep chocolate brown is a popular material for the frame in the Hollywood Regency style. This light, almost colonial, look works just perfectly in a conservatory or garden room and can also be soft and appealing in a feminine bedroom.

For a traditional bedroom with pieces in Louis XVI style, a long leather Regency bench with a gold lacquer frame creates a sumptuous effect, adding a real opulent boudoir tone. You will also often find benches in the chaise longue style with a back effectively at one end and an armrest, perfect for lounging on or draping clothes over, although these pieces are clearly far too nice to hide.

A double-ended white bench with decorative gilding creates a homely look in a light bright contemporary kitchen. Some of the smaller benches you will find among our listings are sold in pairs – these can be a real feature either side of a fireplace. There is something so cosy and inviting about being able to pull up a piece of furniture and sit close to the fire. A pair of small benches can look perfectly symmetrical either side of the chimney breast.

Shop for Hollywood Regency benches with Vinterior

Our range of Hollywood Regency benches from our trusted partners and outlets brings you the very best in style and design. Hollywood Regency benches are very versatile pieces of furniture. Not always top of the shopping list for living areas, once you have thought about their uses and possible locations in your home you will wonder how you ever did without one. Explore our listings now and find your inspiration.