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Anyone looking for a truly unique storage solution for their home should consider a set of antique or vintage haberdashery drawers. Designed for use in haberdashery shops – a rare phenomenon on today’s high street – these wonderful drawers offer a wealth of storage with a particularly beautiful design. Originally created to hold all of the essential items that a keen dressmaker would need, from reels of cotton to scissors, tape measures and pins, haberdashery drawers can be used for a host of purposes in today’s modern home, adding a distinctive touch of retro appeal into living rooms, dining rooms and bedrooms everywhere. Browse Vinterior today and find haberdashery drawers that will solve all your storage and style problems in one fell swoop.

What to look for in a set of haberdashery drawers

Unlike other traditional sets of drawers, classic haberdashery drawers have a unique appearance. Usually quite tall in height, they are often crafted from solid, high quality woods, and are durable, strong pieces of furniture designed to stand the test of time.

The defining feature of any set of haberdashery drawers is the sheer number of compartments. Some sets contain upwards of 50 separate drawers or storage pigeon holes, allowing for a huge number of items to be conveniently stored away out of sight.

While some units contain cupboards in the lower half of the unit, others are made up purely of drawers. Still more contain a combination of drawers and cubby-hole style shelving.

Some have been upcycled for the modern day, with attractive paint and decorative detailing applied. However, most remain in their original natural wood state. With a simply, minimalist appeal, vintage and antique haberdashery drawers form a timelessly stylish solution for any room of the home.

Investing in vintage haberdashery drawers

Whether you need to find a convenient storage solution for any room of your home, or whether you have an eclectic sense of style and long to bring a touch of the past into your room, a set of vintage or antique haberdashery drawers is sure to fit the bill.

Although you can buy a wide range of chests of drawers from modern furniture manufacturers, none have the timeless look of a genuine piece. With their unique design, classic haberdashery drawers have a distinctive appearance that adds sophistication and style into any room of your home. Making a wonderful alternative to a sideboard in a dining room or standard chest of drawers in a bedroom, haberdashery drawers are strong and robustly made, able to stand the test of time, and are also a beautiful addition to any space, embuing your room with history and character.

Find haberdashery drawers at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior, we are specialists in beautiful and inspiring antique and vintage items that will give your home its own unique sense of personality and flair.

In our impressive range you’ll be sure to find stunning haberdashery drawers that will perfectly suit your own style and requirements. Whether you want an upcycled piece or a set of drawers in their natural pre-loved condition, you’ll find just what you’re looking for.

Browse the Vinterior site today and explore our outstanding selection of antique and vintage pieces. We’re certain that you’ll find all the inspiration you’ve been searching for to express yourself in a creative and beautiful way.

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