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Traditional haberdashery stores were once found on every high street and in every town and city across the UK. While the UK’s love of haberdashery hasn’t gone away, the digital age means that what could be purchased in these quaint, haberdashery stores can be bought online and delivered straight to our doors for ultimate convenience. Yet while many of us won’t frequent these shops like we once did, there is still something magical and charming about the environment of a haberdashery – something that you may even consider incorporating into your home environment. At Vinterior, we feature a range of haberdashers furniture to help you inject a timelessly classic look into your space. Embrace a versatile storage option for more than just your sewing needles and fabric swatches by shopping our haberdashers furniture today.

Why choose haberdashers furniture?

The history of haberdashery goes back as far as British textiles. But business Really started booming for haberdashers at the height of the textile revolution in the mid-18th century. Until this point, clothing manufacturing was purely a cottage industry with the dying and working of wool, and the more modern manufacture of wool and other fabrics used to make clothes and textiles kept strictly within communities. The textile revolution brought about huge change in regards to how clothing and textiles were manufactured, with industrial advancements, and the building of canals, railways and roads aiding expansion and consolidating trade. With the commercialisation of the textile industry came an increase in haberdashery stores. The businesses and individuals looking to create their own clothes after all needed supplies within easy reach.

The traditional haberdashery featured a number of furniture items to make the storage and display of sometimes minute sewing equipment simple. Now these haberdashers furniture items are works of art and the most coveted treasures on the vintage and antique scene. From a haberdasher’s counter to vintage haberdasher’s cabinets and chests, these storage units are both unique and eye-catching. Most of these storage units are made from hardwood, namely oak, and sport stunningly ornate yet robust handles. The multi-drawer feature that is synonymous with the haberdasher furniture design is iconic and certain to create a statement in your living space.

It’s not just haberdashers furniture traditionally used to store textiles and sewing equipment that features in our carefully curated collection though. Among our listings you may find the industrial antique apothecary cabinet, a piece that puts a truly rustic and raw twist on the haberdashery furniture trend. Those looking to add a vintage touch to their home office or study will love our haberdashery office storage too. Every now and again we’re able to showcase beautiful clerks writing desks, pieces that embody the haberdashery look but are still useful furniture options for modern day properties.

Haberdashers furniture: shop with Vinterior

Thanks to our network of independent boutiques, dealers and furniture sellers, we are able to give you access to the best selection of vintage and antique haberdashers furniture. In fact, you won’t find a better choice either online or off. Our team loves vintage and antique just as much as you do, and proudly feature items that tell terrific backstories, offer the highest level of uniqueness, and showcase the character and charm that vintage and antique finds are known and loved for. You may also find a number of reclaimed furniture creations among our listings, hand crafted pieces that offer craftsmanship, creativity and quality in one fell swoop.

Find the items, ideas and inspiration you need to finish your vintage inspired interior by shopping our haberdashers furniture range.