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Luxury is something we would all like our homes to convey. The vision of stepping into your home and immediately appreciating a decadent, perfectly put-together space is an appealing one, but unfortunately many of us seem to view luxury as something reserved for magazines and top-end hotels. This shouldn’t be case. It’s easier than you might think to turn your home into an elegant, opulent environment – you just need the right furniture. Designers like Guy Trench specialise in creating unique luxury pieces to elevate the look of your home. You can find a stunning collection of original Trench creations right here at Vinterior, so take a look.

Guy Trench – the art of luxury

As the MD of acclaimed design company Antiques by Design, Guy Chenevix-Trench has dedicated his career to the creation of beautiful, unique furniture and exterior pieces, using a combination of antiques, reclaimed items and discarded materials.

Trench’s career has seen him rewarded for his ongoing efforts, earning the role of artisan on the hit BBC One series ‘Money for Nothing’ and ‘Celebrity Money for Nothing’. The premise of the show celebrates the process of upcycling, as beautiful pieces of unique furniture are created using only abandoned furniture, foraged materials and a lot of imagination and skill. Having created custom pieces for hotels, restaurants, bars and interior designers, Trench is no stranger to luxury home additions.

Introducing Guy Trench furniture into your home

Guy Trench furniture includes unique luxury mirrors, often reclaimed and restored from Victorian, Regency Iron and traditional wooden windows. Likewise, Trench’s lighting reflects the sheer diversity and power of reclamation, transforming sporting equipment, musical instruments and even farming tools into unusual lamps and chandeliers.

Of course, Trench also creates furniture, which can include anything from quirky tables made from antiques and industrial items, to sleek dark wood modern pieces with chic elements like open shelving.

There are endless options available when it comes to Guy Trench furniture, which means there are plenty of ways to introduce it into your home. Trench lighting can help to create the desired ambience in an entrance hall or dining room, while a Guy Trench coffee table is the ideal addition to a living room, offering plenty of storage and surface space as well as a stunning design.

Guy Trench furniture: why shop at Vinterior?

Guy Trench originals can be hard to come by, and are highly desirable. Luckily, we can provide thousands of unique items of premium furniture – including Trench pieces – all in one place. Vinterior is the number one online marketplace for vintage, retro, upcycled and antique furniture, selected from more than one thousand trusted sellers and celebrated brands and designers.

As well as being home to many older items of furniture, you can also find a huge selection of contemporary pieces in our collection. These pieces, such as those from Trench, possess all the character, charm and quality craftsmanship you would expect from the most opulent antiques. We don’t discriminate when it comes to the age of a piece, simply selecting furniture with quality and a great story to tell.

Discover endless possible home additions from an array of designers, past and present. Our collection is sure to open your mind about just how exciting and eclectic furniture can be, so be sure to get inspired. Browse the Vinterior collection today.

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