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In the early 20th century Greaves & Thomas was known for designing contemporary, high-end British furniture from its London headquarters. Now, almost a century later, the brand’s pieces are still targets for the discerning interior designer. While producing quality furniture of a wider catalogue in the latter years, it is their older, distinguished pieces that attract the attention of those looking to make a real statement today. Originally focused on lounge furniture with highly-crafted signature upholstery, they also produced armchairs, mirrors and other items for the home. Take the hassle out of searching for Greaves & Thomas furniture by simply searching our listings here at Vinterior today.

An introduction to Greaves & Thomas

Perhaps the most famous designer to work for Greaves & Thomas was Walter Cornell. He brought the rising Danish and Scandi influence to the brand – clean lines and functional presentation that were becoming popular in the mid-20th century. However, the company became a household name for their most innovative design known as the ‘put-u-up’ bed. This was a revelation – a fold out sofa-bed that could be stored unobtrusively – almost hidden amongst other furniture - and then used for overnight guests. This was produced from the 1920s right through to the 1960s and led to many imitators. The sofa-bed is now a common sight in many homes, a perfect space-saving concept that owes its place in design history to Greaves & Thomas.

Finding Greaves & Thomas furniture could be quite a task – hard-to-find pieces in hard-to-find places. However, here at Vinterior we have taken then hard work out of this and made it a pleasure – you can search our verified listing of reputable Greaves & Thomas dealers and merchants from the comfort of your own home.

Typical Greaves & Thomas furniture

Greaves & Thomas furniture was characterised by the clean lines, excellent workmanship and innovation embraced by the ‘put-u-up’ bed – no mean feat of engineering technology in itself. This attention to details flows through all of their pieces and is something the buyer should be looking for. This attention to detail and focus on quality is what led to the eventual take-over of Greaves & Thomas by Schreiber, who were looking to move into a higher quality marketplace and realised that Greaves & Thomas were already well-established and highly respected in those circles.

Typical Greaves & Thomas armchairs and sofas carry some signature design marks, such as the barred back and arm rests with narrow spindles. Curved, clean lines without embellishment lead to a flowing design.

Why buy Greaves & Thomas?

The Greaves & Thomas catalogue, as we have already said, takes a lead from sound engineering practice, solid Danish design and gentle curves to produce flowing pieces of furniture. So, not only would you be wanting to add these pieces to your collection from an aesthetic perspective, you can be assured of their in-built longevity.

Greaves & Thomas furniture has quite a fan-base – pieces do not often come to the market and when they do, they are snapped up quickly. They can be the focus of a retro-theme or they can be used as statement pieces in their own right.

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