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What better way to serve drinks to your guests than with a decadent vintage gold drinks trolley? You can use it for its intended purpose, as a static display unit, or even repurpose it as a bedside table or vanity cabinet. Find a wealth of gorgeous original gold drinks trollies from the pages of history: choose an authentic Art Deco piece that works wonders with all contemporary interior looks, or opt for the fresh minimalism of a mid-century Scandinavian-design item that makes a vintage statement while being entirely relevant for modern life. You will find a wide range of gold drinks trollies and more on our online marketplace, so explore our collection today to find authentic furniture for your home, whatever your taste and style.

Choosing a gold drinks trolley

Many of us enjoy a little tipple now and then, and hosting a cocktail or dinner party is one of the best ways to invite people into your home and enjoy an evening of entertainment and indulgence. If you are looking to add to the sense of occasion by making your social spaces that little bit more glamorous and engaging, why not look at how you are serving your drinks to guests. Perhaps you could benefit from an eye-catching feature like a vintage gold drinks trolley.

When you begin your search for a gold drinks trolley, you may need to consider exactly the type of look you are going for. After all, you don’t want your statement piece of furniture to look gaudy, out of place or even cheap. Here are a few of the styles you can look for to ensure you choose the right piece for your home.

Art Deco

When we think of periods in history where the drinks flowed freely and socialising hit new heights, it is hard to look past the 1920s and the period we now refer to as Art Deco. If you are looking to evoke a gorgeous Gatsby-inspired glamour in your home in an instant, you can certainly do so with a beautiful Art Deco gold trolley. Look for pieces that feature glass or frosted glass shelves and surreal, geometric shapes and elegant metal frames gilded with gold and you will always make a good impression with guests.

Mid-century modern

During the years following the Second World War, furniture-making materials became available once more and the slow improvement in many European countries’ economies meant that people had more disposable income. Gold drinks trollies from this time are typically made according to the latest fashions: minimalist, elegant shapes and a focus on what is needed from the user. Within our listings you will are likely to find drinks trolleys with solid teak display shelves and sleek polished gold-tone brass frames – features that will undoubtedly help you to add a touch of mid-century character to your interior space.

Gold drinks trollies: the charm of vintage furniture

The popularity of vintage furniture has soared in recent years. In an era of increasingly disposable mass-produced furniture, more and more people are seeking items that have both structural integrity and that have a story behind them. Vintage furniture is an effortless way to add a unique character and charm to your home. Furniture and art meet to create wonderful statement pieces and focal points for all kinds of space and many work well alongside contemporary design-pieces too.

Why be like everyone else when you can be unique and express your personality through your interior design choices? Find everything you need to create the perfect home in our online marketplace and get inspired for your next big interior makeover today.