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Glass dining tables are a supremely stylish way to bring lightness and elegance into your living space. Whether you’re looking for a beautiful glass-topped coffee table, making a statement in a contemporary dining space, or adding a lovely glass console table to a hallway for display purposes, there are tons of glass tables from the pages of history to explore. In particular, glass dining tables are an eternally popular piece for the modern home, with items in the Art Deco and mid-century modern style being especially sought after by interior designers and furniture enthusiasts alike. The glass-topped table has actually been in production for the best part of the past century, and you can find many of them in pristine condition at our online marketplace today. Add a little vintage glass table charm to your living space; browse the collection and find a piece that inspires you now.

Choosing glass dining tables

‘Vintage’ covers a wide range of styles and periods. When it comes to glass tables, you’ll find a wealth of beautiful pieces from the 1920s onwards. The 1920s saw the Art Deco movement emerge from France, with a focus on geometric lines, heavily treated industrial materials and an overarching theme of glamour and luxury. Art Deco glass dining tables feature black glass and heavily lacquered wooden surfaces, starburst motifs and an emphasis on premium materials such as gilt brass and marble. If this look is for you, why not make an instant feature piece with an Art Deco glass dining table? It works as well with a modern dining setup as with a traditional one.

Want a crisp and minimalist look to suit a sleek kitchen-diner setup? A mid-century modern glass dining table may be exactly what you’re looking for. Typical glass tables from this era feature smooth, flowing lines and the use of fresh industrial materials. Find beautiful glass dining tables from a range of designers: from the classic antiquity-inspired, golden detailed work of 1940s Italian designer Paola Buffa, to the 1970s silver space age minimalism of Mila Baughman, you’re bound the find a premium piece that will transform your dining experience.

Glass tables are a great way to bring light into the home – both when you are using a clear-topped table, and a reflective lacquered one. They also help create the illusion of space; where a dense matte table might feel clunky, a gorgeous glass-topped one feels elegant and fresh. Glass tables work well with both contemporary modern looks and with more traditional interior themes.

Glass dining tables: reasons to love vintage

Vintage furniture is the ultimate way to bring personality to your interior look. Each and every piece of vintage and retro furniture has its own story to tell, and provides us with a glimpse into a specific time in social and cultural history. Packed with character, vintage furniture instantly provides a focal point for the room (and a great conversation starter for when you have guests round). While there are many glass tables available on the market today, few can compete when it comes to aesthetic appeal or durability. A pre-loved piece will give you satisfaction every time you sit down to eat and it can also act as a fantastic conversation starter with your guests.

Discover vintage and retro glass dining tables at our online marketplace, and get inspired to create your dream dining space today.