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In an era that gave us Thomas Chippendale and George Hepplewhite, the Georgian period really was a golden age for sofa making. Sophisticated, elegant and stylish, a Georgian sofa would add luxury to any home. Wonderful scale and proportions were the benchmarks of Georgian interiors and the right sofa would complement other pieces perfectly. Whether you are looking for an intricately carved back and arms, or a sumptuous leather sofa, we have something to suit your tastes. Browse our range of Georgian sofas & sectionals to find a focal point for your seating area and inspiration for your interior design.

Why choose Georgian sofas and sectionals

Form and function were the order of the day with furniture design in the Georgian era and the new breed of designers insisted on their pieces being both practical and stylish. As a stand-alone piece, a Georgian sofa can transform a room into a luxurious haven, whether it is in a traditional Georgian townhouse or a more contemporary setting. The timelessness of Georgian sofas is a major factor in their enduring popularity today.

We all love to curl up on the sofa and read a book or magazine, or we may snuggle up with the family to watch a film, so comfort is always key when choosing this kind of seating. While Georgian sofas are a thing of beauty themselves, they are to be loved and enjoyed and are an integral part of life in the home. The quality of craftsmanship from the period is exemplary and has set the standard in furniture design.

Camel back sofas were synonymous with the period with their simple, gently curving backs contrasting with the ornately hand carved oversized legs. Upholstered beautifully and filled with goose feathers, the Camel back sofa is both elegant and comfortable.

A sofa is not only an item of furniture on which to relax and lounge, it can provide a stunning centrepiece to your living space. Position your sofa well to not only provide a focal point but to take in the views from windows or reflections from a wall-mounted Georgian mirror. The Georgian period was all about comfort, luxury and style and matches the needs of modern-day living. Practicality is also a key consideration, so you may wish to consider a sectional sofa that separates out into different elements, so they can be configured differently. Sophistication and elegance were bywords for Georgian furniture production and the timeless quality of Georgian sofas & sectionals is worthy of any beautiful home.

Georgian sofas and sectionals: why shop with Vinterior?

At Vinterior our range of Georgian sofas captures both the style and beauty of the period along with the expert craftsmanship and quality materials. Whether you are looking for a classic camel back sofa with walnut legs or a more delicate carved piece in the style of George Hepplewhite, you are sure to find a unique piece that will elevate your home’s interior design.

An elegant leather library three-seater sofa would sit just as comfortably in a modern apartment as it would in a classic Georgian property and the gorgeous patina achieved through everyday use enhances its beauty. And with more than a thousand trusted sellers to showcase products on our site, there is nowhere better to get genuine choice.

Explore Vinterior’s range of Georgian sofas & sectionals today to bring your very own piece of beautifully crafted sophistication into your home.