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There are few people who would argue that the Georgian period was a golden era for furniture design. Spanning many decades, the fashions and trends certainly evolved throughout the 18th and early 19th century, providing antique fans of today with some incredible furniture options.

Guide to buying Georgian furniture

Starting out as an era filled with darker colours like burgundies and greens, it ended with lighter colours and materials. It had become popular among the upper classes to visit other countries and continents, and a sign of their wealth and well-travelled personas was the foreign influences in their home – Chinese and Italian styles were particularly fashionable in this time. Palladian, Regency, Neoclassicism and Rococo styles all made an appearance during this era, and still influence designs today.

You’ll notice that most Georgian furniture has a very romantic feel, which wasn’t just popular in furnishings, but in lots of other areas of arts and design. Wordsworth, Blake and Burns found literary acclaim and had a huge affect on the styles and fashions of the Georgian period. Some of our most critically acclaimed furniture designers came to fame at this time in history, including Sheraton, Hepplewhite and Chippendale.

Georgian Period Furniture

Entertaining became incredibly popular in the Georgian period, with more people inviting guests into their home. It was considered a necessary part of retaining your membership of the upper classes, and the Georgians liked to create a home that was inviting and welcoming to all their guests. As you browse our Georgian collection, you’ll see that whilst all our furnishings are very grand and luxurious, they have a homely feel and aren’t intimidating or cold. This warm and welcoming vibe was vital in a Georgian home, and is a look that we can still appreciate today.

The most recognisable style of Georgian furniture is from after the 1750’s – when Georgian designers really found their look. The furniture started to become more elegant and stylised around this time, and is probably the type of Georgian furniture you are used to looking at.

More about Georgian furniture

Marble was a popular feature in a Georgian home, either as part of a fireplace or in ornaments and other decorations. If you are looking to go for the full Georgian look, a few small marble pieces will create an authentic feel. Ornate lighting, using crystals and shaped glass will also blend in well. Many of the furniture pieces you will find at Vinterior have been reupholstered to keep them looking fresh and comfortable.

Mahogany reached its height of popularity during this period, and British designers began to drop the Dutch influence that had been prominent in previous times. The ball and claw foot was incredibly fashionable in furnishings and still is today; you will be able to see this as you browse through our collection.

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We have a variety of accessories to complement your new Georgian furniture – or if you are just looking to have a touch of the Georgian period in your living space, they will fit in well as an antique. At Vinterior, our Georgian furniture and accessories are genuine antiques – you won’t find cheap reproductions here.

With more than a thousand carefully selected sellers working with us, we are the number one online marketplace for antique, vintage, retro and artisan furniture in the UK. So, if you are looking for a Georgian piece to make your home that bit more magical, you have come to the right place.

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