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A desk is a necessity in any study or library, where you can take some time away to work on your passions. But if your desk doesn’t inspire you, well you aren’t likely to get very far. To reach your true potential, you need a well-designed, beautiful desk that helps you focus and keeps you motivated. A Georgian desk will do just that. Entirely serious, yet carrying whimsical embellishments, a Georgian desk is the perfect mix between focus and creativity. Browse the collection here at Vinterior today and find the perfect Georgian desk for you.

Why choose Georgian desks?

A Georgian desk is a worthy addition to any home. It will meet all your practical needs, and be stunning yet not distracting. Made from wonderful solid woods such as mahogany and walnut, Georgian desks are exquisitely built and come with a level of craftsmanship just not found in furniture designed and built today. As there was only very basic machinery available to the Georgians, a Georgian desk would have been crafted by hand, with love and care.

Some of the greatest novelists of our time would have sat at a Georgian desk, and would have been inspired by the other furnishings around them from the period. Jane Austen, Mary Shelley and Henry Fielding penned their internationally acclaimed works at a desk just like the ones available in this collection.

The Georgian period was an incredible age for the arts – and that included furniture design. Styles of Georgian desk can vary from the sturdy and sensible all the way to the very flamboyant and romantic. The popularity of romantic arts was seen in the works of poets more than anywhere else, with Samuel Taylor Coleridge, Wordsworth and John Keats finding fame during this era. Art and design was a very important aspect of Georgian life, and you will see that in our collection of Georgian desks. Working at a desk similar to some of these authors and poets will undoubtedly give you clarity and inspiration – if they could pen masterpieces on a desk like this, then you can too.

Incorporating Georgian desks into your home

We have a variety of Georgian desks available, but one thing they all have tend to have in common is their grand and luxurious style of design. They come in all sizes, but even our smallest Georgian desks command the attention of a room. Our large writing desks, with a leather top and drawers beneath, are incredibly popular and are magical to sit at and work from.

They certainly add a sense of importance to whatever it is you may use it for. Our bureaus are a slightly more feminine option, casting you back to days of letter writing to loved ones. As they can be folded away, they are a great option for someone who needs a desk but doesn’t necessarily have space for a study – bureaus often feature in bedrooms and living rooms.

Georgian desks have fast come back into popularity in recent times, particularly the bureau. And they are found in more homes than ever before. Here at Vinterior, we offer you the opportunity to own a true, genuine Georgian desk from the era. Due to their age, a Georgian desk is considered an antique and therefore acts not only as a practical desk, but as a beautiful ornament that you can be proud of. Your work and passions are important to you, and us, which is why we offer such incredible desks that you can be proud to work from.