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A Georgian chest of drawers has many practical features – usually made of strong, solid mahogany, deep drawers and locked compartments for any private or personal documents. However, functionality isn’t all a Georgian chest of drawers will bring to a home. A Georgian chest of drawers built in mahogany with a fine, polished finished, ball and claw feet, and ornate handles is a wonderful addition to any living space. Browse through our collection today and we are confident that you will find the perfect piece for your home – whether you wish to pursue a Georgian theme, or you simply need a statement piece to bring your room to life.

Why choose a Georgian chest of drawers?

The Georgian era is known as the golden age of furniture design, and we saw designers such as Chippendale and Hepplewhite find fame during this period. Many of the features that help us date a Georgian piece are still popular today. If you look in many homes, you’ll notice similarities between our genuine Georgian chests of drawers and contemporary furniture styles today.

Hundreds of years on, the Georgian style is still enviable and well loved by homeowners, many years on. It’s grandeur and luxury never goes out of style, and if you’re looking to add a touch of flair and class to your living space, you can add a Georgian chest of drawers – and it will serve a practical use too.

The main frame of a Georgian chest of drawers is quite basic, with no flamboyancy in its general structure, keeping it practical and not too overwhelming in a non-Georgian styled home. However, it is the flourishes that make a Georgian chest of drawers Georgian. The ornate metal handles, often in bronze and other attractive metals and usually floral-inspired are very appealing. The ball and claw feet are more popular in British furnishings than ever, and such a small feature makes a huge difference to the chest of drawers – it gives it character and takes a potentially boring box chest of drawers to new heights with this added piece of personality.

The most charming feature of a Georgian chest of drawers is by far the lock and keys found on the drawers. Not all Georgian chests of drawers have this feature, but they can be an enchanting addition that shows the chest of drawers’ true sense of character.

Georgian chest of drawers at Vinterior

Here at Vinterior, we believe that the most delightful thing about owning a Georgian chest of drawers is that it isn’t just a heritage item of furniture – it is also a truly beautiful and charming piece of furniture to own! A genuine antique that wasn’t just made in the Georgian era, but was used by the people who lived during the time. The history and heritage of the Georgian era makes it an incredible talking point and you can delight friends and family with the story behind your beautiful furniture.

We love our collection of Georgian chests of drawers, and we know you will too. Start browsing today and fall in love with a piece that will transform your living space. We only work with established and trusted sellers, who will provide you with a fine piece of furniture that will be long lasting and well loved by you and your family.

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