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George Smith is a name to respect.Considered to be one of the pioneers of the furniture industry, this 18th century craftsmen became one of the most celebrated of the Regency era. Known as the “upholsterer extraordinaire” George Smith was adored by high society and aristocracy everywhere. However, George Smith’s skills weren’t limited to a bygone era; his talent and teachings live on and still inform furniture design today. The quality of George Smith designs mean that vintage pieces are highly sought after, and here at Vinterior we’re proud to offer a selection of items. Take a look at our George Smith furniture now and you’ll quickly appreciate why within furniture circles, George Smith is a name to know.

George Smith furniture: a buyer’s guide

The work that goes into every George Smith sofa is nothing short of sublime, with only the highest quality materials used. Even after his death, the name of George Smith continued with his business, with each and every product produced to the same high standards he would have demanded.

The Regency era offered up many talented furniture makers, such as Thomas Hope the cabinet maker, but where George Smith really excelled was sofas and upholstery. If you’re thinking of investing in a vintage George Smith piece, you won’t be disappointed.

Here’s what you can expect from George Smith furniture designs:


George Smith was firmly of the view that a sofa should be beautiful as well as comfortable, but his designs veered away from being garish or overtly bold. All of the items in his collection to this day offer a statement that’s hard to ignore but utilising classic and timeless styling. Plain colours such as blues, browns, burnt oranges and pinks are just some of the tones you’ll find. Patterns were largely kept to accessories such as footstools rather than being on the primary focus.

High-quality materials

The fabric or leather on the exterior of the sofa only tells half the story; what’s inside and out of sight is just as important, too. While it’s easy to spot a high-quality finish, it’s not so simple to see what’s below the surface.

George Smith furniture has always been made based on the concept that what you can’t see is just as important as what you can. Sofas are stuffed with feather or down to provide a sumptuous and deep finish. Extremely durable and long-lasting, these fillers won’t degrade or squash down permanently; a quick plump up occasionally during their lifetime is all that’s needed to restore their full softness.

Below the filling, the quality of the wood matters, too. You might not feel it but knowing it’s strong and not prone to splintering will give you the reassurance that this sofa will last for many generations to come.

Clever craftsmanship

George Smith furniture has never compromised on quality and even the most contemporary styles have been made using time-honoured techniques. All of the furniture-makers in George Smith pieces use traditional, hand-stitching methods despite the length of time this takes. The brand’s stance has always been that the quality afforded by this immaculate attention to detail is one of the things that makes the furniture quite so special.

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At Vinterior, we’ve got a fascinating selecting of high-quality George Smith furniture to check out. One of the most prestigious upholstery names of all time, our vintage pieces are there to be admired . . . and even purchased.