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When it comes to furnishing a room, all too often we seek out the new or ultra-modern, to see how we can make our homes as fashionable as possible. There's nothing wrong with this, of course, but we shouldn't allow the latest trends to overshadow those classic, timeless aesthetics we know and love. Vintage furniture comes with added character and tried and tested style. Brands like G Plan have been creating furniture for decades; filling generations of homes with beloved sofas, sideboards and armchairs made with a keen attention to detail and an eye for comfort and practicality. So, before you try to imitate the latest interior design fashions, explore the extensive range of vintage G plan furniture available at Vinterior.

When is G Plan furniture “vintage”?

Vintage is not a specific aesthetic, but rather an umbrella term which covers everything from mid-century modernism to art deco. This is the beauty of vintage furniture: it can be anything you want it to be! G Plan has been making stunning furniture for over six decades, and in that time they've tackled everything from dining tables to bookcases.

If you have a modern living room, full of neutral tones, why not add a bit of soul to the space with a pastel blue 1950s wingback armchair? Or, if you have a big empty wall to fill, you might consider a mid century Danish inspired sideboard; as sleek and handsome as it is useful for storage. G Plan vintage furniture is a testament to the company's durable designs and timeless style, and with Vinterior you can find it all in a single place.

Why go vintage G Plan in your home?

The benefits of vintage furniture go far beyond the surface however. By investing in an antique or artisan piece, you are bringing furniture into your home which has its own story to tell. It is also a sustainable way to furnish your home, due to the amount of upcycled and repurposed items available. This is evident in Vinterior's collection of G Plan vintage designs.

1960’s & 70’s Vintage G Plan Furniture

A pair of bedside tables reflects the current vogue for botanical prints with a stunning rainforest decoupage. Similarly, a 1960s solid teak sideboard with bifold doors can be upcycled toad elegance and a sense of purpose to an entertaining area. Vintage furniture is easy to repurpose in this way; making the most of its long-lasting structure and historical charm, but updating it to suit modern tastes and sensibilities with edgy modern innovations.

We at Vinterior take huge pride in being Britain's number one online seller of vintage, antique and artisan furniture. Brands like G Plan have been providing buyers with beloved pieces of furniture – full of character, beauty and expert knowledge – for decades. G Plan itself can trace its roots all the way back to 1898, and the collection at Vinterior is evidence of the astounding legacy they have garnered over decades of transforming their customer's houses into homes. Vinterior is the best place to see this legacy for yourself, and to find vintage furniture solutions for your own home.

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Explore the G Plan vintage furniture collection at Vinterior today for that piece of furniture you've been dreaming of, or simply for some inspiring ideas of how to introduce a little vintage charm into a modern space.

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