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From sofas to armchairs, dining chairs to footstools, upholstery is a wonderful way to bring a bit of diversity into your home. When completed to a professional standard it can add a bit of much needed colour or texture to an otherwise uniform room, bringing the space to life. Every stitch should be immaculate, and fixed onto an equally accomplished frame that is built to last. That is exactly the level of professionalism that G Plan upholstery offers. Whether you want an elegant armchair to sit in your living room or study, a collection of stylish, comfortable dining chairs, or a whole new suite of sofas, they have the upholstery for you, all finished to their high standard of quality. And it is all available in one place. Browse through the Vinterior collection of G Plan upholstery today, and get inspired.

Why choose G Plan upholstery?

With a legacy that stretches back 120 years, G Plan has quite rightly established itself as one of the biggest names in the furniture industry. And at the core of the brand’s success lies the seating and upholstery products for which it has become most famous.

G Plan Fresco Dining Chairs

From fresco dining chairs to plush living room seating, G Plan’s sleek, modern and minimal Danish-inspired designs (made in Britain of course, like all G Plan furniture) have stood the test of time beautifully. Look out for nice touches like beautiful natural grain and polished teak frames. These features make G Plan the perfect fit for an elegant, intimate dining space. The fact that G Plan furniture has lasted through the decades in such good condition is a testament to the craftsmanship that went into them. Like the entire Vinterior collection, these pieces are unique, and would fill your home with their individual charm.

For G Plan upholstery and more, shop with Vinterior?

This character is the main reason why we at Vinterior are so passionate about vintage furniture. The very particular magic of antique and artisan pieces cannot be replicated, and the sheer diversity of our range means that whatever your taste, there is guaranteed to be something for you. Everything from art deco style to industrial grandeur is included under the banner of 'vintage furniture', so you will never be limited to a single aesthetic.

On top of that, buying heritage pieces is one of the most sustainable ways to furnish your home. The amount of upcycled and repurposed items in our collection means that you can buy guilt free, and also find items that are surprisingly well suited to a modern home. There are many thousands of items to choose from in the Vinterior collection of furniture, so you’re sure to find something to suit your tastes and requirements.

With more than a thousand boutiques and independent sellers featuring products on our website, Vinterior is the best place to find that statement piece you’ve always wanted. And you won’t need to leave the comfort of your own home to find it!

Love G Plan upholstery? You can shop for contemporary pieces, too

As well as classic designs, you will also find new examples of G Plan upholstery in our collection. The brand continues to design and manufacture stunning chairs and sofas today and, while the history of these pieces may not be the same, the commitment to quality and style certainly is.

So why not explore our collection of G Plan upholstery now. Your dream furniture is waiting for you.

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