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Though Ebenezer Gomme had been crafting furniture since the 1800s, it wasn’t until the company’s rebrand in the 1950s that G-Plan became globally renowned for impeccable furniture design. The brand captured the mid-century consumer’s imagination, perfectly embodying the era’s chic, simple aesthetic and finding its way into stylish homes around the world. The G Plan tallboy is no exception. Tallboys have been used in homes for centuries. They generally take the shape of a tall, thin chest of drawers, often with some type of wardrobe on top. They were widely replaced by the contemporary wardrobe – with sliding doors – over the course of the eighteenth century, but G-Plan revived the tallboy in the 1960s as an alternative to larger, more cumbersome items of storage. As such, the G Plan tallboy is an iconic item of mid-century furniture, acting as the perfect clothing storage that fits snugly in virtually any room.

Why choose a G Plan tallboy?

Many G-Plan tallboys are made using strong and sturdy woods, including highly prized teak. This is typical of G Plan’s ethos as a brand that built their furniture to last. In keeping with mid-century design ethics, the outline of a G Plan tallboy is very simple and elegant. There are no detailed carvings or ornamental features – instead, they have smooth edges and straight lines meaning that they can be paired comfortably with most other furniture, including more modern pieces. Whether you opt for a model with drawers only, or one with a wardrobe compartment, too, it is a striking and special accent piece to bring into the contemporary home.

A G Plan tallboy isn’t just a convenient storage addition – it’s also a unique item of historic design that provides a fantastic point of interest in any room. The bedroom is an obvious place for the G Plan tallboy. Use it to store socks, shirts and underwear and place some prized family photographs or a healthy green succulent on top to continue the theme of natural beauty that the exposed teak starts. The bedroom isn’t the only place to keep a tallboy, though. Bring it into the dining room to store coasters, place mats and tablecloths, into a spare bedroom to store sheets and towels, or into the study to store paperwork. In the hallway, it is a fantastic place to keep winter hats and gloves, and even winter coats in the summer when they’re not in use.

Wherever you decide to keep yours, the G Plan tallboy is a beautiful, unique item of vintage furniture, and an heirloom in the making.

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