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Though G Plan had existed since the 1800s under the name ‘E Gomme Ltd’, it wasn’t until the 1950s that the brand truly cemented its position as one of the stalwarts of British design. In 1962, designers at G Plan created a wing-backed armchair on castors, which was subsequently known as ‘The World’s Most Comfortable Chair’. Made with exceptional quality and ergonomic design, the G Plan swivel chair offered unrivalled comfort. This, accompanied by the fact that it embodied the chic style of 1960s interior design, has meant that the G Plan Swivel Chair has become a modern classic. If you’d like to inject your living space with a distinct mid-century look, there’s no better way to do it than by investing in the sleek design brilliance of a G Plan wing-back swivel chair. An iconic piece of 1960s design history, you can rest assured it will become a much-loved piece of furniture at the centre of your home.

How to style G Plan swivel chairs

Swivel chairs are, by their very nature, flexible and fun seating options. Unlike a traditional armchair, stool or sofa they offer ease of movement to users and open up a living space in a very different way. The castors allow the user to move about, whilst the armchair shape makes it possible to sit back and recline. If you use your G Plan swivel chair as an office chair, it makes it easy for you to twist around as you complete paperwork or work on the computer. If you have a home office, there is no better way to say you mean business than with an authentic G Plan swivel chair.

The G Plan swivel chair also makes an excellent addition to the sitting room. Whether you have a mid-century theme emerging or your room’s a whitewashed, modern masterpiece, a G Plan swivel chair makes a handsome seating addition, drawing the eye with its dramatic lines and wooden accents. Because it’s such an eye-catching piece, it needn’t match your other furniture – it makes a great accent when paired with a pastel coloured sofa or placed on a fluffy rug.

G Plan swivel chairs also make a lovely addition to the bedroom and make fantastic nursing chairs in baby’s room. The unparalleled comfort developed over more than a century of furniture making expertise that goes into the creation of these chairs means that wherever you place one, it will delight your friends and family.

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