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A sofa is one of those items of furniture you can't do without. Whether your living room is a centre for noisy family life, or a neat, elegant environment for entertaining friends, the quality of your sofa can make or break the room, which is why only the finest will do. However you use your living room, your sofa must provide comfort, compliment the surrounding decor, and be strong enough to withstand everything from bouncy children to careless dinner guests. G Plan sofas provide all of this and more. As a company they have over sixty years experience making sofas to suit every taste and fulfil every requirement. Their clean lines and mid century style means they can fit into almost any living space. Find inspiration for your interior by browsing the extensive G Plan sofa collection here at Vinterior.

Why choose a G Plan vintage sofa?

G Plan is that company. Over sixty-five years they have built a reputation for excellence; creating some of the most iconic furniture designs of the twentieth century, using their expert craftsmanship. That professionalism ensures that no matter what kind of sofa you're looking for – something small and tasteful, or a big, bold statement piece – you will be buying the best, from the best. Find an extensive collection of G plan vintage sofas at Vinterior for further inspiration.

The Vinterior range of G Plan vintage sofas is a testament to their well-deserved reputation. These iconic living room additions remain as stylish and structurally sound as they were on the day of their completion. Inspired by the sleek minimalist designs coming from Scandinavia in the fifties and sixties, G Plan sofas often boast strong teak frames and original vinyl cushions to help them fit perfectly into a living or sitting room in need of a little warmth and comfort.

Just browsing the range of vintage G Plan sofas listed on our online marketplace gives you a sense of the varied and comprehensive collection of sofa styles that G Plan has been responsible for since the mid 20th century. From retro black vinyl chaise lounges to leather saddleback three-seaters and even tweed wingback versions, there is something for almost every style of living room to find on our website. And as vintage pieces, enjoyed lovingly by others for many years, adding a vintage sofa to your home will be to re-home an item that already has a rich history behind it.

A bit about G Plan

Founded in 1953 by Donald Gomme, G Plan has spent six decades crafting gorgeous furniture in a range of styles, to suit any number of tastes and requirements. They strive to create furniture that is as practical and comfortable as it is beautiful to look at, and durable enough to withstand day-to-day family life.

The excellent condition of original G Plan sofas after all these years demonstrates the skill of the craftsmanship behind them. No modern sofa could possibly compete with their unique character and charm.

Why shop at Vinterior for G Plan Sofas & Seating

Here at Vinterior, we are simply head over heels in love with vintage furniture. If you purchase a G Plan vintage sofa from us, you will be continuing the story of a piece that has been loved by generation after generation of people. Every antique or artisan piece we sell has its own particular history, of which you could be the next chapter.

Investing in vintage furniture is also a sustainable ways to go about furnishing your home. Many items in our collection have been upcycled or repurposed by passionate restorers, either to return them to their former glory, or to give them a whole new look which might be better suited to a modern home. Great care has been taken to retain the original character and charm of the furniture in our collection, and the integrity of all the original designs is still present.

This is because, despite the fact that our collection contains literally thousands of options, we are very selective about the pieces we include on our website. So what are you waiting for? Find the vintage sofa of your dreams with G Plan and Vinterior today.

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