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A side table is one of those pieces of furniture you shouldn't have to think about, but shopping for the perfect one can be a maddening experience. It should be simple; an attractive, durable piece of furniture that will fit perfectly into your home. But the reality is that finding a high quality side table is much more difficult than you think. If you are struggling to find the right side table from your local high street retailer, perhaps it is time you looked to the past and found yourself a vintage gem. G Plan create beautiful side tables in a range of styles, with their signature attention to detail and dedication to expert craftsmanship. Whether you want a stunning statement side table to fill your hallway, or simply a pretty surface to put your coffee on, G Plan has something for you. Check out the vast collection of G Plan side tables available here at Vinterior today.

Why choose a vintage G Plan side table?

Becoming a globally respected brand takes time, and G Plan built its illustrious reputation over sixty-five years of providing British homes with beautiful furniture. This reputation is very well deserved. They have created some of the most iconic designs of the twentieth century, and everything they make is built to last; worked on until it reaches their exacting standards. This can be seen in the Vinterior collection. Every G Plan side table we sell is unique, and recognisable as the work of that brand.

G Plan Mid Century Teak Side Tables

Take, for example, the mid century teak Tola side table. Stamped with the classic G Plan seal of approval, this mid twentieth century modernist table would make an elegant addition to any home. Its ebonised black frame work, combined with its polished teak surface and gold metal fittings, makes this an effortlessly glamorous and distinctive piece, which would suit anyone with a taste for the finer things in life. Top it with a vase of flowers or a distinctive ornament, and there you have a beautiful focus point for any room in the house.

Why we love vintage side tables

It is this one-of-a-kind appeal of vintage furniture that makes all of us at Vinterior so passionate about supplying it. Nothing can compare to the character and history of a piece of heritage furniture. Every item has its own charm, and its own tale to tell. Buying vintage pieces is also one of the most environmentally friendly ways to furnish your home. Due to the amount of upcycled and repurposed items used, it is highly sustainable; making your home a little greener as well as more beautiful. Typically, Upcycled items have been cleaned and restored with hemp oil, while the legs, frames and surface have often been repainted using fusion mineral paint in a variety of colours, which work wonderfully alongside the original wood tones – perfect for brightening up a dull corner in a brand new home.

New G Plan Side Tables For Sale

But at Vinterior we are as passionate about the new and dynamic as we are about the old and timeless. That is why you will find new examples of G Plan side tables alongside their classic designs. G Plan is a company that is still bursting with new ideas, as well as their long-held devotion to quality, and Vinterior is more than happy to highlight that.

So sit back, relax, and browse through the Vinterior collection of G Plan side tables today. Prepare to be inspired.

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