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Every home needs a beautiful, comfortable G Plan settee; something for you to collapse on to at the end of a gruelling day, but which will also act as an attractive centrepiece to your living room. Finding the perfect settee isn't always easy though, and can involve visiting several different websites and retailers to find something that suits your tastes and requirements, made by a brand you know you can trust to deliver quality.Well, now you can find a range of fabulous vintage and more modern settees from one of Britain's most reputable manufacturers, all on a single website. G Plan's clean, elegant designs and unparalleled craftsmanship have earned them one of the most illustrious reputations in the business. A huge collection of these designs from the mid-20th century through to the 21st century is now available at Vinterior. Explore the collection now.

Why choose a G Plan settee?

G Plan has been making iconic furniture since 1953, when Donald Gomme decided to continue the legacy of his grandfather, Ebenezer (who had been crafting beautiful furniture since 1898) by founding his own furniture manufacturing company. Over the sixty-five years that have passed since that day, G Plan has remained committed to creating gorgeous, practical pieces of furniture, using the finest materials and the skills of the best craftsmen and women in the industry.

Retro G Plan Settees in various styles and sizes

Their dedicated professionalism can be found in every single G Plan settee in the Vinterior collection. Whatever style or size the settee is – a three-seater high-backed wingback with floral upholstery, or a 1950s teak-framed straight-backed design in timeless white cotton – you will find it has a strong, durable design and one-of-a-kind character.

Perhaps one of the greatest attributes of G Plan settees lies in the fact that their designs offer the flexibility to be used in a number of settings to suit all kinds of décor and interior design.

Why shop at Vinterior for retro G-Plan Settees?

These traits are just part of the reason why we at Vinterior are so passionate about selling high quality vintage furniture. The vintage G Plan settees in our collection are in excellent condition; their durability proven by how well they have lasted. More than that, the rich history of the many pre-loved pieces we feature makes them truly unique.

Investing in vintage furniture is also highly sustainable, due to the amount of upcycling and repurposing that goes into them. Many of our G Plan settees have been the subject of painstaking attention from a passionate individual who wanted to return them to their former glory, or else items have been given an entirely new look better suited to our modern preference for bold colours and drama. Some of our settees have been reupholstered in fine new fabrics, had their frames polished, or their screws given a quick tightening; giving our range even greater diversity and style.

New G Plan Settees & Sofas Available

But as wonderful as vintage furniture is, G Plan's newer settees are equally fabulous. The brand is just as passionate about delivering quality now as they were in Donald's day, and that is why Vinterior is proud to showcase more recent models alongside their classic ones. G Plan has a bright present, as well as an illustrious past, and we want to celebrate both.

Browse through our collection of G Plan settees today to find that perfect mix of comfort and beauty you've been dreaming of. You won't be disappointed.

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