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G Plan was established in 1950s Britain, bringing with it a fresh new look for interior design in the UK. From stunning tables to sophisticated cabinetry and beautifully crafted chairs, G Plan is renowned and respected for the style and quality it brought to homes around the UK in the mid-20th century. But we should also remember that G Plan had a flair for smaller furnishings, too. And among the many beautiful items listed here at Vinterior you will often find some lovely G Plan mirrors – both standalone and incorporated into furniture such as dressing tables. Explore our collection today and find your inspiration.

Why choose vintage G Plan mirrors

The mid-20th century was a time when the austerity of wartime was beginning disappear and people were once again looking to host friends and family in their homes. As has been the case for many centuries, the humble mirror can be a key element in turning any home into a more attractive, light and airy space. And it was no different in the 50s, 60s or 70s.

Depending on the style of your room, you may wish to opt for a G Plan mirror with its signature teak frame – either a freestanding version or a wall-hung mirror. Some mirrors have been set as tall standalone pieces that can be used as a full-length dressing mirror, ideal for when you are checking yourself out in that new frock or pair of pants before heading out the door. Some mirrors are better placed on top of a chest of drawers or a dresser. One of the most popular G Plan mirrors to look out for is the 1960s freestanding tilting Fresco mirror designed by V. B. Wilkins. This piece was crafted to sit atop a G Plan chest of drawers or dressing table, providing great functionality but also a consistency of aesthetic.

Today, however, you may prefer to mix and match your mirrors with the rest of your furniture. G Plan teak mirrors don’t just need to fit into vintage mid-century designs. They can also work nicely as part of a shabby chic or Boho look. Indeed, if you choose an upcycled G Plan mirror that has been painted a vibrant colour or perhaps a brooding black, it can just as easily suit a modern or industrial setting.

When it comes to wall mirrors, they are an extremely focal point of any room, and their style and shape can instantly set the mood and feel of the space.

Why a G Plan mirror?

If you’ve never heard of G Plan, then you’ve been missing out on something very special, because they have been creating strong, beautiful designs for over 70 years. Not only are their mirrors crafted with fine materials such as teak, but the shapes and curves mean you can place them almost anywhere in the home.

Shop for G Plan mirrors with Vinterior

Modern mirrors, its true, come in a variety of colours and sizings, however when you hang an authentic G Plan on your wall, you can guarantee it will only have the positive effect and bring genuine character to your home. If you are ready to add a bit of vintage quality to your home, explore our listings today. With a network of more than 1000 trusted sellers, our online marketplace is the very best place to find heritage furniture that you’ll love.