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Leather is a luxurious material that exudes a certain level of style and class, but it is also a very comfortable, practical material – more resistant to stains and marks than most fabrics. This means that, even in a busy, family household, you can still have that stunning leather sofa you've always dreamed of. G Plan has been making some of the most beautiful leather sofas in the furniture manufacturing industry for decades, using responsibly sourced leather from only the finest tanneries. Explore our collection of G Plan leather sofas today, and discover both vintage and more recent models for yourself.

Why choose a G Plan leather sofa?

G Plan has a long history of providing high quality furniture to the homes of Britain. The brand can trace its origins all the way back to Victorian times, when Ebenezer Gomme began to craft exquisite furniture. Fifty-five years later, his grandson Donald decided he would carry on his grandfather's legacy, and G Plan as we know it today was born. Over the past six decades, the company has created some truly iconic furniture designs. Whatever piece of furniture the brand is crafting, they remain dedicated to producing pieces that are beautiful, functional, and of the highest level of craftsmanship.

This professionalism is evident in the leather sofas you will find listed on our online marketplace. Whether it's brown or black, inspired by mid century Scandinavian minimalism or Seventies retro chic, one hundred percent leather, or with a solid teak frame, every piece is immaculately constructed. The sheer range of styles and sizes on display means there is something to suit every taste and requirement, every one bursting with character. The combination of simple, sleek designs and expert craftsmanship means that a sofa from them is guaranteed to be gorgeous and last for generations.

Why shop at Vinterior for vintage G Plan Leather Sofas?

Character is essential to us here at Vinterior. It is what connects all of the furniture you see on our website. Every single item on our website has its own unique charm – whether it is a piece from antiquity, a mid-century modern piece, a retro item or something more contemporary.

Buying vintage is also a great way to make your home a more sustainable place. Many of our G Plan leather sofas have been re-upholstered, either to maintain the pristine finish of the product, or to better suit them to our modern tastes. The time and care that has gone into these restored objects makes them even more unique, but it also saves these items from being consigned to the scrap heap.

While you might think it is just as easy to buy a new sofa from your local retailer, these mass market items rarely have the same level of style and quality as those premium items of the past. And they certainly won’t have the backstory and charm.

Of course, some of the reputable brands you find here at Vinterior are still going strong. And G Plan is one such brand. So, you will often find newer, modern pieces by these designers amongst our listings.

Ready to start your next interior design project? There is bound to be something for you here at Vinterior.

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