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When it comes to choosing furniture for your home, only the finest will do. Whether it's a new sofa for the living room, a smart desk for a home office, or a whole new dining room set, it's important that the furniture you buy is attractive, practical and comes from a brand you can trust. G Plan offers you all this and more. As one of the most well respected manufacturers of furniture in the world, they have created everything from wardrobes to bedside tables. Their peerless professionalism and sharp eye for style are part of every item they have made, and now you can find a vast range of their furniture in a single place. Visit the Vinterior website now to see our stunning collection of G Plan furniture for sale.

Why choose to search G Plan furniture for sale?

G Plan is a company with a long history. It can trace its roots all the way back to 1898, when Ebenezer Gomme began to craft exquisite furniture for his fellow Victorians. He became such a source of pride for the family that fifty-five years later his grandson, Donald, founded G Plan to carry on his legacy. Since then the brand has gone from strength to strength. The brand’s sleek designs and dedication to crafting durable furniture soon made it a household name.

The simple beauty of each piece is evident throughout the Vinterior collection. From smooth teak sideboards, reminiscent of Scandinavian minimalism, to impressive retro chic armchairs in a range of materials (all fabric and leather G Plan use is responsibly sourced from the finest mills and tanneries), designs are not limited to any particular aesthetic, but share the same sophisticated grace and faultless detailing. This means that every piece could fit within a range of different decors; the clean mid century designs carrying the dual benefit of fitting in and standing out in any interior space.

Why shop at Vinterior for G Plan furniture for sale?

The reason such simple designs are so captivating is because of the care G Plan has always taken in the design and manufacture of furniture. This is part of what makes vintage furniture so appealing, and why we at Vinterior are so passionate about selling it; those careful practises of expert craftsmen which are now sadly lost in most areas of modern furniture manufacturing.

No two vintage items are the same, but every item on our website is bursting with its own unique character. They all have their own story, and by investing in an item of antique or artisan furniture, you are continuing that history, and writing yourself into the next chapter. Buying vintage furniture is also one of the most sustainable ways to furnish your home. Many pieces in our range have received painstaking attention not only from their maker, but from people who want to restore them to their original glory, or give them a brand new modern appeal.

From sixty-year-old bookcases that have been re-polished with Danish oil, to chairs reupholstered with modern fabric that highlights their original charm, to drinks cabinets that have been repainted with bold, colourful patterns; there truly is something for everyone in the Vinterior collection of G plan furniture, thanks to the time and care taken by a few talented individuals.

But as wonderful as vintage furniture is, we also love modern furnishings that contain the same one-of-a-kind charm as classic pieces. That is why you'll find modern G plan furniture for sale alongside some of their historical designs.So enjoy browsing through Vinterior's fabulous collection of G Plan furniture. You're sure to be inspired.

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