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G Plan can trace its roots all the way back to 1898, when Ebenezer Gomme started designing and handcrafting beautiful pieces of furniture. In 1953, Ebenezer's grandson Donald decided to continue the family legacy, and G Plan as we know it today was born. Since then the company has gone from strength to strength, garnering a reputation for unique, durable furnishings, full to bursting with character and style. Vinterior is proud to house a wide collection of G Plan furniture, allowing you to find everything you could need to add some vintage style to your home in a single place. Find inspiration for any space by browsing the G Plan collection at Vinterior today.

Why buy Vintage G Plan furniture?

G Plan is known the world over for its clean lines and expert tailoring, but the quality of their furniture goes far beyond the surface. Each sofa and armchair is handcrafted in the UK by an expert upholsterer, with each piece carrying their personal signature.

Comfort and durability is just as crucial to G Plan designs as aesthetic, which is why every spring,thread of fabric and piece of leather is of the best possible quality, sourced from the finest mills and tanneries in the world, and every spring and frame of their chairs comes with a ten year guarantee. They understand that every potential buyer is different, both in terms of taste and requirements, which is why every sofa and chair is ergonomically designed for ultimate comfort. G plan is not limited to a particular colour, aesthetic or style, meaning you are certain to find something in the Vinterior collection to suit your own personal taste.

Buying from a brand like G Plan provides you with the knowledge that you are investing in something of unparalleled beauty, but the benefits of G Plan and other vintage furniture brands are not just aesthetic. Vinterior houses a wide range of vintage, antique and artisan furniture; all of which have proven durability and.

Historical pieces can inspire you to explore interior design ideas that cannot be found in most of the mass-produced items on the market, whether it's an art deco dining table or a retro chic mid-century living room set. These pieces can bring character and charm to even the most soulless of spaces, and with the amount of upcycled and repurposed items available, you can rest easy knowing that your furniture is sustainable as well as stylish. Vinterior and G Plan aim to fill as many homes as possible with meticulously crafted historical furniture, to continue their story for generations to come.

G Plan create new furniture, too

But G Plan furniture is not simply concerned with the historical. They haven't honed their skills for sixty-five years in order to let them go to waste. As one of the largest furniture manufacturers in Britain, they create hundreds of new pieces every year, and Vinterior houses many of these modern, vintage-inspired designs as well as G Plan furniture from years gone by. These new pieces combine G Plan's signature attention to detail and the expertise of their years in the business, with the innovative technology and upholstery techniques of modern times. The G Plan collection at Vinterior is a celebration of the company's illustrious past and its bright future.

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