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In the early 1960s, G Plan began manufacturing its ‘Fresco’ range. Designed by British designer Victor Wilkins, it features sleek, streamlined shapes, and lots and lots of exposed teak. The Fresco sideboard – perhaps the most recognisable item of the range – is a highly sought after piece today. Certain to inject your home with a welcome dose of mid-century sophistication, if you’re looking for a G Plan Fresco sideboard, you’ve come to the right place.

Introducing G Plan

In the 1800s, Ebenezer Gomme started his family business, manufacturing high quality furniture for the UK market. It wasn’t until his grandson took over the reins and rebranded the company that G-Plan was born. Soon after, it had become a globally recognised name in furniture design. The epitome of mid-century cool, G Plan furniture has staying power – it has become one of the most renowned and respected names in vintage furniture, and for good reason. The high quality, clever styling and quietly elegant aesthetics embodied by the brand is in high demand today, particularly given that there are so many flimsy, mass-produced items on the market.

Why choose a G Plan Fresco sideboard?

Fresco sideboards are made from teak – an extremely durable hardwood of increasing rarity that is highly prized in furniture making. It’s desirable not only for its fantastic properties but also because of its rich, vivid colour. It is one of the materials most associated with mid-century interior design, which makes a G Plan Fresco sideboard the perfect addition to your home if you’re trying to create a 1950s or 60s inspired sanctuary.

G Plan sideboards are available in a wide range of different sizes, so if you want blast-from-the-past style, regardless of the space you have to fill, you’ll find a G Plan Fresco sideboard to fit. They offer excellent storage space with an exceptional number of drawers and cupboards. Generally, drawers are lined with velvet to ensure you don’t cause any damage to your sideboard by storing heavy or sharp items - a touch typical of high quality mid-century furniture that is rarely found in today’s mass produced pieces.

How to style a G Plan Fresco sideboard

G Plan Fresco sideboards are designed as storage for tableware, glasses and cutlery, so they make a fantastic addition to dining rooms and large kitchens. That being said, they also make fabulous TV stands and media consoles – simply pop your television on top of the smooth upper surface of the sideboard and place your electrical goods inside. In the sitting room, they make a great designated place to tidy away toys and books after the kids have gone to bed, too. They can be really well used in the bedroom, as well – some Fresco sideboards come with inbuilt mirrors up top, meaning they make beautiful dressing tables, with built-in drawers for socks, underwear, jewellery and makeup.

Why shop for a G Plan Fresco sideboard with Vinterior?

If the thought of some mid-century style in your home has got your interior design cogs turning, then start browsing the G Plan range on Vinterior. We have a huge range of antique and vintage furniture from over one thousand trusted sellers, all of whom are chosen for their commitment to sourcing the very best antique and vintage furniture on the market. Browse our collection of G Plan Fresco sideboards and more today.