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A footstool is a little bit of luxury in your home; something to help you relax and take a little personal time. It also provides an extra seat or surface in an emergency; acting as a handy back-up when chairs are scarce. But where can you buy sturdy, comfortable attractive footstools these days?G Plan has been crafting high quality footstools as part of its furniture range for decades. And the brand’s models are just as comfortable as they are stylish, making a lovely addition to your living room. Better yet, now you can save yourself time and effort by browsing a range of G Plan footstools on a single website. Explore the G Plan footstool collection at Vinterior today.

Why choose a G Plan footstool?

It is the combination of style and substance that makes G Plan’s furniture range a welcome addition to the Vinterior collection. Whether it's a striking geometric quadrille legged footstool, or a classic Danish-inspired four-legged minimalist model, each G Plan footstool has been handcrafted by an expert craftsman from the finest wood, and upholstered with the best fabrics. The strength of these creations is a testament to the time and attention G Plan put into their footstools.

Some of the models you can find listed on our online marketplace are sixty years old, yet they still have the strength and robustness required to withstand the rigours of regular use in a family home. Some of the footstools we feature have been re-upholstered and re-polished but each and every one continues to have the same charm and character that G Plan has become famous for.

How did G Plan get here?

G Plan has sixty-five years of experience to its name, but the origins of the company stretch back even further than that, to one fateful day in 1898, when Ebenezer Gomme began to craft beautiful furniture for his fellow Victorians. Fifty-five years later, to carry on the family tradition, his grandson Donald founded G Plan, and the rest is history. In the six decades since its establishment, G Plan has earned a glowing reputation for creating elegant, expertly crafted furniture to suit a range of interior design aesthetics.

Why choose Vinterior for buying G Plan footstools

We love heritage and high quality furniture at Vinterior. When you purchase a footstool through our online marketplace, you are not just buying a piece of furniture, you are getting something totally unique for your home. 'Vintage' incorporates every style from yesteryear, from art deco to retro chic, and every item we sell has its own history and its own story.

Buying vintage is also one of the most sustainable ways to furnish your home, reducing the reliance on modern manufacturing and saving items from being sent to landfill. Several of our G Plan footstools have been lovingly restored with new upholstery, or treated a new coat of Danish Oil, either to bring them back to their original condition or to give them a whole new look for a modern home. This means our range is even more diverse, and there is certain to be something to suit every taste.

But this passion for the old doesn't mean we've forgotten the new. G Plan is still a brand to be reckoned with, which means we'll continue to stock some of their newer items alongside their classic ones; enabling you to purchase the vintage items of the future.

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