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In the late 1800s, Ebenezer Gomme started a family business, crafting furniture for the UK market. It wasn’t until his grandson Donald took over and rebranded the business in the 1950s that G Plan was born. In the 1950s, homes were rapidly changing in size and layout and the middle class was quickly developing. Dining rooms weren’t always included in houses as standard as the kitchen diner had become fashionable, and therefore tables needed to work in lots of different ways – to seat a family of four at breakfast time and to entertain eight for dinner. The extending dining table was the answer to this conundrum. G Plan didn’t invent it: it’s a style that had been explored for centuries. But many would say that the company was the first to perfect it for the mid-century customer. As a table, it epitomises efficient space saving and clever convenience – which is why these are such highly prized items of furniture today. Browse our collection of G Plan extending dining tables today.

Why choose a G Plan extending dining table?

Although G Plan is famous for having popularised mass furniture production, the brand’s products are a far cry from the mass production we know today. G Plan extending dining tables are crafted with quality materials to make sure they last. For example, many of their extending dining tables are made with teak, a hardwood with immense tensile strength and durability.

Furthermore, G Plan extending dining tables come in various shapes and sizes and with different extending mechanisms, so it’s easy to find a combination that’s perfect for you. If you’re short on space, a G-Plan extending dining table can be exceptionally convenient. Instead of having a big table for the rare occasions you host dinners or have the extended family round, you can have one table that caters for you and your immediate family as well as larger parties. If you have a dining room that needs to double up as a study or a playroom for the kids, choosing an extendable dining table can mean achieving extra space that just wouldn’t be possible with a larger, more cumbersome model.

When you shop for your G Plan extending dining table, don’t forget to check out G Plan chairs to accompany it. Finding a set in the same lacquer as your table can really tie a room together – or if you are looking to make a statement, styling it with some mismatched chairs from a different era is a great option, too.

We sell new, too

Not only do we stock a huge range of antique and vintage products, we also sell new and upcycled items, too. We select our new manufacturers for their unparalleled design skills and high quality craftsmanship, so if you’re looking for a new take on the classic G Plan extending dining table, or you’d like one that’s been lovingly restored, start your search on Vinterior today!

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