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It's impossible to have enough storage in the home, isn’t it? Clutter just seems to pop out of nowhere – whether it's clothes in the bedroom, papers in the home office, or children's toys everywhere. Investing in a roomy, sturdy set of drawers or three is therefore essential, but they should be as attractive as they are functional; a sleek, beautiful addition to your home, from a well known brand you know you can trust.Thankfully G Plan has been making high quality drawers for decades, and is known to be one of the most reliable, professional manufacturers of fine furniture in the world. The brand’s clean, elegant designs and passion for expert craftsmanship has won it millions of admirers over sixty-five years furnishing the homes of Britain. And now you can find a range of G Plan drawers in one place, saving yourself time and effort. Visit Vinterior today for a huge collection of G Plan drawers.

Why choose G Plan drawers?

G Plan has been part of Britain's DNA for many years. The brand can trace its genesis all the way back to Victorian times, when Ebenezer Gomme started to craft exquisite furniture to sell to his contemporaries. Fifty-five years later his grandson Donald continued the family tradition by founding G Plan as we recognise it today. From that point the company quickly established itself as one of the most influential forces in twentieth century interior design.

With crisp, highly adaptable designs, combined with faultless craftsmanship, the brand soon became something of a national institution. And for those looking to tap into a little bit of that mid-century quality, there are still plenty of G Plan drawers to choose from today. Over the years, G Plan has showcased a number of different styles and aesthetics, so whatever your tastes and requirements, you will find it on our wide and varied range.

Yet there are two things common in every piece you’ll find on our online marketplace – be it something small and influenced by mid century minimalism, or perhaps a grander piece of Danish inspired furniture to fill a master bedroom. And that is a commitment to faultless construction and a wealth of character.

Why shop at Vinterior for G-Plan Drawers and furniture?

The character and proven durability found even in G Plan furniture, is part of the reason why we at Vinterior are so passionate about vintage furniture. Each piece is also unique, with its own particular history, and therefore its own story to share. Our love of heritage furniture is also due to the fact that re-homing or repurposing pre-loved pieces is a more sustainable and environmentally friendly way to fill your home with furniture.

Retro G Plan Drawers for Sale

Many of our G Plan drawers have been the subject of time-consuming care and attention from people who want to restore their lost glory, or give them a modern makeover. This upcycling and repurposing of materials – which can involve anything from a polish with Danish oil, or a fitting of new brass handles, to an entirely new look using colourful paint or fabric - makes our collection more diverse, and your home a little greener.

However, we don’t favour the old at the risk of excluding the new. That is why you'll find a few modern G Plan designs within our collection that are from the more recent past and demonstrate the brand’s enduring ability to create high quality, desirable furniture.

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