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If you are looking for the quintessential retro style with a quality that is next to none, then you can’t go wrong with any of the G Plan furniture items available here at Vinterior – especially out fabulous corner units. They come in a range of styles and colours, with doors and drawers or without. While corner units were common in the mid-century and can certainly add to the aesthetic of a living room, kitchen or study, they faded from fashion somewhat with the introduction of specially designed wall cabinets or small coffee tables. Yet bringing one of these amazing items of vintage furniture into your home is sure to set the theme and tone of your retro interior stylings in a way like nothing else can. Browse our online marketplace now and find something a G Plan corner unit that you love.

G Plan corner units: a brand with real heritage

Corner units from G Plan are just some of the wonderful pieces of furniture created by this mid-century designer. The passion for furniture actually dates back to the 1880s when furniture maker, Ebenezer Gomme, began creating his first charming items of furniture. However, it was under the guidance of his grandson, Donald, that G Plan was established as the business we see today. By the 1960s and 70s G Plan had a place in the British public’s hearts and homes, combining a strong aesthetic with comfort and practicality.

Back in the 70s, corner units served multiple purposes, and were highly popular because they filled spaces in the home where larger pieces of furniture just didn’t sit right. These smaller pieces could be used as a telephone stand with an address book kept in the drawers or even serve as a drink’s cabinet if doors and a storage area had been created in the design. Other uses for such corner units include a decorative item only with a simple plant pot placed on top.

Styles of G Plan corner unit

Depending on what you want your corner unit to do for you and your room, the style you choose will be an important consideration. Do you need it to be a working space, with a pull-out bureau and leg room underneath? Do you want something small and stylish to bring the aura of the 60s and 70s to your castle? Or is it more a storage space you’re looking for? Bottles, paperwork and treasured possessions can all be stored here within easy reach.

Think also about whether you prefer a more heavy duty corner unit, sat on the floor like a dresser, or whether you prefer a G Plan unit that stands on solid steep hairpin legs – a popular choice among G Plan fans.

Many of the corner units on Vinterior are fitted with opening doors whose handles in themselves add to that essentially 70s look, especially if you match it with other similar styles. In fact, some of the pieces on Vinterior can be combined as sets or used as standalone pieces in the room.

Whatever style you choose, know that a classic piece of 70s décor is going to bring so much more to your living space than you can imagine.

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Browse our online marketplace for G Plan corner units, and you’ll soon discover a world of function, fashion and unmistakeable charm. Find your inspiration with Vinterior today.