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If you want to add some mid-century furniture to your home or begin a 70s theme in a business premises, the G Plan range is a great way to go. G Plan’s story dates back to the end of the 19th century. At this time, a man by the name of Ebenezer Gomme started to design bold furniture that was received well on the UK furniture market. By the 1950s his grandson Donald took over the business and rebranded the company as G Plan – a business that is still trading under the very same name today. If you are looking to incorporate mid-century modern furniture in your home then a G Plan bureau is a terrific way to do so. Browse our collection today and see how you might incorporate a bureau into your home.

G Plan bureaus: quality across the ages

G Plan has now been making high-end tales and cabinetry for many decades, having built themselves a reputation for excellence. The use of teak and oak within G Plan bureaus is a great benefit. These woods are exceptionally strong, so you can be assured that despite the age of some of these pieces, they still have a lot of life left in them. They’ll probably outlast some of the flimsy modern pieces we see made today.

These bureaus are a fantastic addition to a study or could be the perfect contribution to a 1970s themed business such as a café. Their signs of age only add to their character and charm. Any admirer will be able to recognise these imperfections to know they’re looking at a genuine vintage item with a real history.

G Plan bureaus: character and charm

Like many other items from the brand’s range, G-Plan bureaus can be described as having a sleek, clean aesthetic, which accommodates a number of different design styles. Not only can a G Plan bureau sit comfortably in a mid-century modern study, it can also work beautifully in a shabby chic living room – doubling up as a console table and sideboard. Similarly, if you want a bureau to act as both a writing desk and a dressing table in a Boho bedroom you won’t be disappointed by the end result.

The most commonly used woods in G Plan bureause from the 50s and 60s are undoubtedly teak and oak. The bureaus themselves usually offer ample storage space through drawers and cupboards. They come in different shapes, such as rectangular bureaus, but also corner bureaus which come to a right-angle point at the back to fit into a corner perfectly.

As some of their items can be of considerable age, it’s important to note that any older pieces may have evidence of previous ownership. This may include, but is not limited to, marks, scrapes sun damage, rust and dents.

We sell new, too

While we love heritage furniture, we are also delighted that a brand like G Plan continues to produce stunning furniture to this day. For that reason you can also buy newer pieces through our online marketplace – and, of course, you will be investing in the vintage pieces of the future.

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If the sound of an authentic vintage bureau in your home or business is something you seriously want to consider, then do some more research here on our marketplace. There are plentiful listings to browse through and choose from. Alternatively, use our marketplace for creative inspiration and help you decide on items or themes for an interior renovation. What have you got to lose?