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G Plan has undoubtedly been one of the biggest names in British furniture for the last few decades. Established under the G Plan name in 1953, the business began to produce a range of different products from seating to tables to cabinetry. The brand created a niche in British-made wood sideboards, beautifully crafted chairs and sofas and stunning coffee tables. The Astro coffee table perfectly captures the style and creativity that epitomises the G Plan name. If you are channelling mid-century chic in your home, remember that G Plan is a name that you can trust to deliver both aesthetic appeal and excellent build quality. Browse our extensive range of G Plan products and see how the Astro coffee table can give your living room a lift.

G Plan Astro coffee tables: expert design and manufacturing

G Plan has always been proud to manufacture beautifully designed furniture with exceptional materials. The Astro is no exception. Astro tables are round or oval, with two bow-shaped legs that intersect at the table’s centre. Exposed teak makes up the table’s frame, which is what makes them so enduring. The table-top is made of glass, creating a striking accent piece at the centre of any sitting room. Designed for G Plan by Victor Wilkins in 1969, the Astro is part of the brand’s iconic Fresco range, which was heavily self-referential and influenced by the Scandinavian outputs of G Plan’s previous head designer, Ib Kofod-Larsen.

How to style a G Plan Astro coffee table

A G Plan Astro coffee table is an undeniable design classic. It is instantly recognisable and eminently desirable. It’s not hard to see why, with its sleek lines, stunning teak frame and eye-catching glass top, it is a great accent piece to add to your living room. Its round or oval shape invites seating to be placed around it to create more sociable space, perfect for lively after-dinner conversations or enjoying family time at the weekend. Its wipe-clean surface means that the Astro is an everyday piece of furniture that can be used by everyone – whether its kids drawing or parents having a cup of tea.

Placing the Astro on a vibrant rug is a brilliant idea, as the glass gives the opportunity for flashes of colour to emerge. It’s also a great place to keep art books and fashion magazines, perhaps alongside a vase full of your favourite flowers and a couple of carefully chosen retro coasters. Don’t forget that at Vinterior, we sell upcycled furniture, too. So if you’d like a contemporary twist on classic G Plan, keep an eye out for Astros that have been painted in a range of cool, current colours.

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