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An armchair should be a luxurious, statement piece of furniture. Putting a high quality armchair into a living room or home office instantly adds a touch of class to the space. The perfect armchair is one that is as strong and durable as it is attractive, so that, whether you're using it for work or relaxation, it will remain as comfortable as it was on the day it was made, no matter how often you use it.

Vintage G Plan Armchairs

With a G Plan armchair, this is all guaranteed. Whether you're looking for a large, dramatic dark leather chair in which to sink at the end of a long working day, or soft, sleek fabric piece to provide support as you work from home, every G Plan armchair showcases their commitment to providing the homes of Britain with high quality, handcrafted furniture.

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Why choose a vintage G Plan armchair?

G Plan has been in the furniture manufacturing game for a long time, and over several decades the brand has earned a reputation as one of Britain's most successful furniture brands. The company was founded by Donald Gomme in 1953, and since then they have handcrafted some of the most iconic furniture designs of the post-war era.

Though the fashions may have changed, their dedication to supplying buyers with stylish, comfortable, durable furniture has remained intact. This can be seen Vinterior's collection of G plan armchairs. The styles may vary from Scandinavian minimalism to mid century retro chic, but they are all bound by the same impressive quality. Take, for example, the black vinyl Chesterfield armchair. This mid century model is made from the finest materials, and combined with a practical, stylish design that is a perfect slice of 1960s modernism. Its generous seating, plush padded back and arms, provide great comfort. The fact that it is over fifty years old and still in such excellent condition is a tribute to the skill of the craftsman who gave it his seal of approval. For those looking to bring a bit of comfort and character to their sitting room, this is a real find.

Every armchair design in the Vinterior collection is unique, and bursting with charm. This is part of the reason why we love high quality vintage furniture at Vinterior. We want to provide our customers with one-of-a-kind items, and continue the story of pieces with generations of history behind them. Every vintage item we sell has been loved by generations of people, including those who have gone to huge effort to give them a new lease of life.

Many pieces have been repurposed or upcycled, which makes buying antique and artisan furniture one of the most sustainable ways to furnish your home. This can be seen in our G Plan armchair range with the wing back swivel chair. Also known as the 'villain chair', this is one of G plan's best known designs, made famous by its appearance in the James Bond film 'You Only Live Twice', as the seat of the evil Blofeld. It has retained its famous design, but has become anything but villainous by being reupholstered in soft grey wool, which has given it a new elegance, perfect for that empty spot in your living room.

New G Plan Armchair Collections

But alongside these timeless designs, you will also find new G Plan armchair models in our collection. Vinterior loves the new as well as the old, and G Plan's modern designs are just as beautiful and full of charm as their classic ones.

Find the G Plan armchair of your dreams. You're sure to be inspired.

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