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The marketplace today is awash with sofas, armchairs and whole 3-piece suites of varying sizes and colours. However, getting something truly special and unique is as simple as a quick search of Vinterior for your next retro G Plan 3-piece suite. If you’re in love with the styles of the mid-20th century, then G Plan refurbished and new seating sets are sure to be a winner. Browse our G Plan 3-piece suites today and see what’s currently available.

Why choose a G Plan 3-piece suite?

The appeal of G Plan furniture can be seen in the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality over more than 65 years. As one of the most iconic brands of the mid-20th century there are many stunning 3-piece suites available here at Vinterior, still looking as stylish and inviting as the day they rolled off the production line. You will also find a handsome range of refurbished and contemporary G Plan suites in our listings, as the brand continues to produce beautiful 3-piece suites today.

A vintage thing

Understandably, with something that is over 50 years old there are bound to be some wear and tear issues with reconditioned furniture. Here at Vinterior, every scratch, every bump and every knock is a story in history just waiting to tease the imagination of how it came to be. In fact, in many cases the slightly worn and well-used finish of leather and fabric suites can be desirable in those rooms you want to turn into shabby chic havens.

Alternatively, a vintage retro suite that has been reupholstered can represent the very best of old and new. Don’t forget, unlike a sofa bought today which will slowly decrease in value, a vintage G Plan sofa from the 50s or 60s – so long as it is maintained in a good condition – is more likely to hold and perhaps even increase in value over time.

G plan 3-piece suites: shopping heritage

There is just something special and magical about furniture from the mid-20th century. Retro doesn’t mean old and it certainly doesn’t mean outdated. Retro is in, and has been for some time, with homeowners up and down the UK searching for those unique pieces that can bring a homely feel with vibrant colours and block patterns. If you choose a vintage 3-piece suite from G Plan you can be confident that it will catch the eye and admiration of your guests more than a modern sofa bought from the local shop.

We sell new, too

Not convinced that shopping for a vintage piece is quite right for you? While we are big fans of heritage furniture here at Vinterior we also love brands that have continued to innovate and produce quality furniture through the 20th century and into the 21st century. As a fine example of this G Plan continue to produce luxury furniture to this day. If you would prefer a contemporary piece, browse our listings and find a more modern G Plan piece.

Shop for G Plan 3 piece suites with Vinterior

If you are ready to begin your search for the most comfortable and stylish seating solutions, why not explore our collection now. With a network of more than a thousand trusted sellers from around the UK, we are confident that you won’t find a better place to buy furniture or even find inspiration than right here at Vinterior.