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Having a home filled with beautiful, unique, well-made furniture is a dream shared by millions, but turning this dream into a reality isn't always easy. Trawling through various websites or spending endless afternoons scavenging pokey antique shops for that perfect dining chair or end table is exhausting, and not guaranteed to get results.

Why Choose G Plan Furniture?

G Plan offers something for everyone, whether it's a retro chic dining set or a mid-century modernist sofa. This reputable British brand understands that there is no substitute for quality. If you are looking to fill your home with something other than the standard flat-pack furniture that you see in so many homes today, the perfect piece for your home is waiting for you at Vinterior. Browse our extensive collection of G Plan furniture now.

A bit about G Plan

G Plan has a long history of creating and selling high quality furniture. It all started in 1898, when Ebenezer Gomme began handcrafting gorgeous furniture to sell to his fellow Victorians. Over half a century later in 1953, Ebenezer's grandson Donald founded G Plan to carry on the family tradition.

Advertising was key to the company's early success. Magazines were filled with eye-catching pictures of handsome leather armchairs and sleek mahogany sideboards, and soon G Plan became the brand for one-of-a-kind pieces of furniture that were beautiful, usable and guaranteed to last. The collection at Vinterior is a testament to this legacy. In it you will find G Plan's signature clean lines and expert upholstery at very reasonable prices. All the furniture is crafted in Britain using only the best, responsibly sourced material, with a ten-year guarantee.

While G Plan furniture is known for its quality and style, the benefits of investing in their pieces and other brands of vintage furniture go far beyond the aesthetic. Buying antique, vintage or retro furniture ensures that your home is filled with unique pieces that have proven durability and timeless style. And because of the amount of upcycled and repurposed items on sale, Vinterior offers you a sustainable way to furnish, making your home life a little greener, as well as more stylish.

While a lot of modern furniture is mass produced and designed to be neutral, vintage pieces are bursting with character and history that can make any house feel like a home. Every table, chair and settee has its own story to tell, and by adding it to your home you are writing the next chapter.

Vinterior's collection isn't confined exclusively to historical items, however. G Plan is still creating new pieces with the same care they have taken since Ebenezer's day. All their new pieces reflect the charm and high standards that have come to define the brand over the past sixty-five years, while also showcasing the innovative spirit and technology of our modern times.

G Plan isn't about to let their decades of expert knowledge go to waste, and Vinterior is proud to sell and celebrate their new items as well as those that have been loved by generations of homeowners, which is why you'll find their most recent pieces on our website.

Whether you're looking to revamp a soulless space, or simply get some inspiring ideas, browse through Vinterior's collection of G Plan furniture today.

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