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No two people want exactly the same thing from their sofa. Some want a statement piece of furniture to stand in the centre of their living room, with a bold pattern or shape to complete a certain aesthetic. Others prefer something more elegant, or a simply a soft, comfortable place to rest, which can last through the trials of day to day life. Whatever you want from your sofa, G Plan can provide it. Since the company was founded in 1953, they have been producing high quality sofas to suit a range of tastes and requirements. Their sleek designs and expert craftsmanship provides all the comfort and style you could need. By investing in a G Plan sofa, you will be filling your home with a beautiful one-of-a-kind piece of furniture, made by an iconic brand that is synonymous with luxury. Find some inspiration for your interior by browsing the collection of G Plan sofas here at Vinterior today.

What to look for in vintage G Plan sofas

Clean lines and fine tailoring are the traits that are perhaps most commonly associated with vintage G Plan sofas. But over the course of the brand’s long and illustrious history there are many styles and designs that a keen-eyed vintage furniture fan can discover right here at Vinterior.

65 Years of G Plan Design

Over the last sixty-five years G Plan has experimented with a number of styles in a huge range of colours and materials ensure that there is something to appeal to every buyer. From a large grey wool settee with a flawless teak frame – ideal for a large room, and for those who favour neutral tones – to a dramatic bright red sofa with matching armchair, there are many ways you can bring drama or calm sophistication to your living room with a G Plan sofa.

Whatever your preferred aesthetic, every one of G Plan's sofas are unique and full of character. The vintage sofas available at Vinterior have their own history, of which you can be a part. When Ebenezer Gomme started crafting furniture in 1898, he couldn't have known that his name would one day become a byword for first-class sofas. Since Ebenezer's day the G Plan brand has expanded to become one of the world's leading furniture retailers, and their years of expertise is evident in their sofas.

Shopping with Vinterior for G Plan Sofas & Seating

At Vinterior we are hugely passionate about vintage, artisan and antique furniture. We adore the distinctive personality of a high quality sofa that has been loved by generations of people. Every one provides something unique, and with Vinterior you can rest assured that you are dealing with professionals.

We are also proud to sell a way of furnishing your home that is highly sustainable. Because of how many repurposed and upcycled items we stock, we can help to make your home a greener place. This can be seen in our collection of G plan sofas, which includes beautifully re-upholstered three piece suites that are still adding style and character to living rooms after more than sixty years.

New can be beautiful, too

As much as we love vintage furniture, Vinterior is also keen to showcase the new designs of established brands. This is the case with G Plan. They are as dynamic a creative force today as they were sixty years ago, and as well as their classic designs you will find some of their newer models in the Vinterior collection. Vinterior wants t be a part of G Plan's dazzling future, as well as its great past.

Explore our website now to fill your mind with new (and vintage) ideas for how to furnish your home, inspired by G Plan's stunning sofas. You won't regret it!

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