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If you want to add a dash of romance and grace to your bedroom, a French style chest of drawers could be the answer. Known for their elegance and sophistication, French antique furniture offers ornate detailing coupled with a beautiful curved silhouette so it’s perhaps little wonder that this style is highly sought after. Transform a boring bedroom into a feminine and enchanting boudoir, fit for any French aristocrat with just a couple of pieces of statement furniture. Here at Vinterior we’ve got a range of French chest of drawers along with other furniture in a similar style. Specialising in authentic antique, vintage and retro designs, come and browse through our catalogue online for a closer look.

Why choose this design?

The chest of drawers was originally known as a commode and was considered to be a highly desirable piece of furniture in France when it was first revealed. Superseding the basic trunk, a chest of drawers was regarded as a high-class design and something that the most fashionable homes aspired to purchase.

Fast forward to the modern day and the humble chest of drawers has become a staple of bedroom furniture, available in a wide range of styles, sizes and colours. However, it’s difficult to see past the French style as this offers a delicacy and beauty in its craftsmanship which is almost impossible to match.

What you’ll notice instantly about the French style is that it has a far more delicate appearance than other types of chest of drawers. Often featuring slender curved legs known as cabriole, this style of furniture is graceful and light and in stark contrast to traditional heavy-set drawers.

Aside from the fluid contour lines, French furniture also often features wonderful decoration and intricate motifs, creating a beautiful facade which would complement any bedroom.

Deceptively sturdy

With the set of drawers carefully balanced upon the slimline legs, which are so delicate they almost appear to be tiptoeing, there is a real air of daintiness. However, don’t be fooled by appearances; this style of furniture is surprisingly strong and robust.

Both antique and replica French style furniture is made using high quality crafting techniques. Carefully constructed, every piece is built to last and offers strength and sturdiness despite their lightweight look.

Although you might not be able to see directly into the joints to appreciate the workmanship, the detailing and ornate gilding on the exterior provides a hint about the many hours which go into creating each piece.

Get creative

Although a chest of drawers is traditionally used in the bedroom, the wide range of styles means that if you use your imagination, you could also place them in other rooms around the house. If your decor is of a classic style, French furniture will look perfectly matched, adding a timeless appeal.

Some French style chest of drawers are offered with a shabby chic finish. This distressed look fits seamlessly into a more rustic decor and could perch in the dining room to hold linen and cutlery.

The exquisite design of the French style deserves to be seen and admired. Whether you use it in the hall to hold accessories and a lamp, or as an occasional table in the lounge, this is a beautiful piece of furniture which will complement your home.

Here at Interior we love to offer the very best in stylish furniture and have a great selection of French style chest of drawers. Take a look at what’s in stock today and be inspired.

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