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Elm is an eternally popular choice of wood for European furniture building. It is a luxurious wood that offers incredible durability, impressive size ( great for larger pieces) and has a rich and complex character. Ideal for building everything from bed frames to sideboards, the rich, nutty colour and versatility of elm inspired many furniture makers in the 18th and 19th centuries. It has also been put to good use in the mid-20th century in France, Denmark and Britain. The result is a wealth of beautiful furniture pieces that work perfectly with the modern home, as well as complementing traditional and antique interior themes perfectly. Discover high quality products crafted from French elm that designers would be proud of. Browse the collection of antique and vintage French elm pieces for your home today here on our online marketplace.

French elm furniture

The beautiful and detailed appearance of elm means that it works perfectly with classic mid-century minimalist design. Inspired by styles such as the Danish modern movement, post-war Europe saw a steady increase in furniture creation. Unlike earlier furniture styles, however, designers of this period were drawn towards clean and crisp lines and simple shapes. The focus was shifted away from elaborate decoration and luxurious embellishments: this was a post-war society, and people craved elegance, simplicity and straightforwardness in an attempt to make sense of a world that now looked messy and complicated.

Mid-century furniture was designed with the needs of the user at the forefront, and created to work with human bodies and the increasingly fast-paced lifestyle of the 1950s and 60s. Elm lends itself well to such minimalist designs for its eye-catching natural pattern, which has a habit of evoking calm and serenity. Pierre Chapo is one of the finest mid-century French designers who used elm in his furniture, creating fresh and functional pieces that remain on trend and in perfect condition to this day.

You can also find a wide choice of antique French furniture made from elm, including elegant cabinets, dressers, tables and wardrobes to bring a touch of 18th or 19th century charm to your home. Add a gorgeous antique elm sideboard from the Regency period to your hallway, or an original Louis XV chest of drawers to your bedroom to add a uniqueness and sense of history to your day-to-day life.

Elm is a distinctive and inimitable wood that is quintessentially European. As a natural material it is loved because it maintains its intricate patterns even when treated. Bring a splash of this unique material to your home, whether you live in a modern city apartment or a cosy country cottage, it’s a wonderful choice for your furniture.

French elm: invest in high quality antique and vintage wood furniture

Part of the joy of filling your home with antiques and mid-century pieces such as those described above is the searching process itself. Discover unique pieces that bring their own brand of charm to your living space. Wave goodbye to cheap, imitation furniture and say hello to unique and beautiful character pieces that none of your friends or neighbours will have in their homes.

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