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French furniture has a captivating and incomparable elegance. The stereotypical style that most would consider to be classic French was born in the 17th and 18th centuries, once France had reclaimed its position in Europe as a stable country, and one that was heavily influential in the decorative arts. The decadence and supreme elegance of furniture in the Palace of Versailles was an era-defining movement for decorative arts, and continues to inspire furniture designers to this day, as well as retain significance and relevance for both contemporary and classic interiors. French dressers are a particular item from this period which continue to be as appreciated for their beauty and functionality in the modern home. Suitable within a kitchen, hallway, living area or bedroom, this versatile piece is a must-have addition for anyone who loves vintage furniture and the natural elegance of French design. Find the perfect new piece for your home in our stunning collection of vintage and upcycled French dressers today.

The beauty of the French dresser

The French dresser comes in a range of shapes and sizes - and all carry that unmistakably French flair for elegance and sophistication. Rich in detail and refined as befits their royal heritage (furniture making in Regency-period France was a highly regulated and honoured profession), the perfect French dresser can really bring a room together.

There are several different styles and shapes of dresser to suit different rooms and spaces. Firstly, the classic dresser with separate display cabinet design is a lovely feature piece that works well as part of an open plan kitchen, or as a storage and display solution in a living area or hallway.

The traditional compact dresser is another beautiful addition to the home: providing an elegant storage solution for clothes in the 17th and 18th centuries, these dressers are an example of the chest-of-drawers design which was actually invented by the French during this period. Keep your odds and ends organised in exquisite style with a piece of furniture that is as beautiful as it is functional.

Beautiful and practical, the French dresser dates back to the early 18th Century during Louis VX’s rule. Elegance and practicality were both key during this time, when regularly re-arranging a room became fashionable. Large chest-like furniture was no longer the most practical or popular storage solution: in their place, elegant, carved wooden dressers with polished marble tops, distinctly curved legs and perfectly shaped drawers.

Add character & charm to your home

Vintage French dressers, as with all vintage furniture, are a steadfast way to insert character and charm into your home. Whether you live in an older building, or want to bring a sense of antiquity to a modern apartment, French furniture design is water-tight place to start.

Made with care and attention detail, the result of classic French and French-inspired craftsmanship is beauty and durability, so you can enjoy a quality French dresser for years to come, and have a beautiful heritage piece in your home that will be enjoyed by you and all your visitors.

Find Authentic French Dressers Online

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