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When most people think of French furniture, the opulence of the court of Marie Antoinette and King Louis XVI comes straight to mind. The glorious magnificence of Versailles and the beautiful furniture that it contained are the enduring image of French interior design. For over two centuries, the traditional French furnishing style has proven to be popular, both in France and, indeed, around the world. Here in the UK, French style furniture has held a special place in the hearts of chic-loving homeowners and furniture manufacturers alike. Even today, many modern furniture brands try to emulate the classic elements of French style in their contemporary mass-produced pieces. French double beds are an impressive addition to any bedroom. Designed to create a focal element in your private space, they have the impressive appeal that so many homeowners desire, and represent a wonderfully decadent way to sleep. The original craftsmen who produced these vintage and antique items intended them to be as beautiful as they were practical, and this shines through in their sophisticated attention to detail. Whether for a master suite or a guest room, French double beds never fail to impress. Discover beautiful French double beds from Vinterior, and get the inspiration you need to create a stunning French-themed boudoir.

Decadence as standard – the hallmark of French double beds

Many modern double beds focus primarily on practicality rather than beauty. In the past, however, French craftsmen were just as interested in creating a work of art as in creating a place for people to sleep. Their love of their work still shines through in fluid, curvaceous lines, in intricate detail and in dramatic designs that truly catch the eye.

You will find French double beds in a wealth of styles, shapes and materials. Some are upholstered for an extra level of comfort and glamour, while others are made of rich, dark wood – robust and sturdy without compromising on luxurious touches. Some are painted, while others feature lovely cane-work.

The hallmark of a French double bed is a higher headboard with a lower footboard. Many have fluidly curving lines, while scrolls and carvings are often prominently featured.

The benefits of French double beds

Double beds can be bought in any furniture store in the country, but these contemporary mass-produced pieces lack the personality and authentic charm that a vintage or antique bed exudes.

Investing in an original piece of furniture brings something special into your home. It brings with it a wealth of character that simply cannot be replicated in a factory or modern workshop. Your antique or vintage double bed will have a history and a heritage all its own.

When you buy an antique or vintage double bed, you will also be benefiting from a piece of furniture which has been crafted with the intention of lasting a lifetime and beyond – something that just cannot be said of so many modern pieces.

Add flair to your bedroom and create a stunning French style boudoir of your very own with one of Vinterior’s gorgeous pieces.

Of course, there is something to be said for the very best contemporary designs, those which show the same commitment to quality and identity as those of the past. For that reason you will also find a range of carefully selected modern beds here on our website.

Find inspiration now and you’re sure to discover gorgeous French double beds that will let you sleep in regal splendour.

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