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The elegance and sophistication of classic French furniture means that it is a perennial favourite. In fact, the fluid lines and intricate detailing are so iconic that even manufacturers today often try to incorporate them into their modern designs. The elegance of French console tables transports us straight to the Palace of Versailles and the court of Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette. Whether gilded, painted or distressed, these convenient tables still exude an opulence which is simply impossible to find in modern furniture. The hallmarks of vintage and antique French furniture are exquisite workmanship and attention to detail. Not only do French console tables have an effortless practicality but they add a unique element of style to any room that raises it to another level. Whether in a living room, bedroom or dining room, a French console table is the perfect addition. With a luxurious appearance, their dramatic appeal is hard to beat. Find a beautiful selection of French console tables at Vinterior, and find all the inspiration you need to design a regal room that is certain to impress.

Sturdy construction with exquisite attention to detail – the defining features of French console tables

French console tables are versatile enough to fit effortlessly into any room of the home. Perfect as a coffee table, a boudoir table, or to decorate a hallway, they bring effortless sophisticated style to any space thanks to beautifully carved details and sturdy construction.

It is the distinct shape of a French console table that truly sets it apart. While some pieces have fluidly curving legs, others feature intricate carving, yet it is the tapering leg shape that is the hallmark of the piece. Deceptively practical, French console tables have a delicate, luxurious look but a sturdy construction that stands the test of time.

French console tables come in a range of shapes, sizes and designs, depending on the era from which they originate. While some boast a subtle sophistication, others feature exquisite detailing and dramatic carving. Some are painted or gilded while others are a rich, dark, natural wood. Some feature inset drawers or shelves.

The benefits of buying antique or vintage French console tables

Although it is usually more expensive to purchase vintage or antique French console tables for your home than to choose a more contemporary piece, it is nevertheless an investment that is well worth your time and money. Not only are older pieces more sturdily built than many modern alternatives, but they also bring a sense of history and heritage into your home that no up to date replica can reproduce.

Not only does an antique or vintage table have a unique character and a true authenticity all of its own, but it has also proven its ability to withstand everything that time can throw at it. Unlike so many pieces today which are manufactured with disposability in mind, a classic piece has been constructed to last.

Find French console tables at Vinterior

When you’re searching for vintage or antique French console tables, Vinterior’s impressive range has the perfect piece for you. From distressed vintage pieces to authentic antiques, Vinterior has everything you need to bring the sophistication and opulence of the past into the home of today.

Alternatively, if a more contemporary feel is what you are looking for, look no further than our online marketplace. We only feature contemporary pieces of the very highest standard, and so you can be confident that our more recent pieces still have all the character, quality and charm of a heritage product.

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