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French furniture makes an instant impression; striking, individual and of the highest quality, it’s difficult to find better than the French style. So when you’re looking for a coffee table, look to our friends from across the English Channel for a little inspiration. Any living room, big or small, benefits from a coffee table. Whether it’s a place to rest your remotes, place a drink or stash magazines, a coffee table adds a dash of interest to the centre of your room. There’s almost an infinite number of styles to choose from, with both large and small designs to complement a range of rooms. However, French-style coffee tables are a step beyond, an exquisite rendering of this home decor staple. Here at Vinterior we’ve got a range of French coffee tables to provide you with inspiration. Whether you’re looking to buy right now or just browse around, we think we have you covered.

French coffee tables: an art form

While a coffee table undeniably is a practical piece of furniture, there’s no reason why it should be dull to look at. French coffee tables combine beautiful aesthetics with the same functionality, giving you the best of both worlds.

A good coffee table is like a piece of art, no matter what material it’s made from. Wood, leather and metal are just some of the firm favourites, all of which are sculpted, carved and cut to create the perfect shape.

Antique and vintage designs can work surprisingly well in modern settings. An organic design from wood can complement an eco-friendly vibe while the simplistic appearance of leather, glass or metal looks good even in cutting edge contemporary surroundings.

Whatever type of material you choose for your coffee table, the French style will provide panache and elegance, bringing an art form to seamlessly meet practical function.

Appreciate the curves

Although French furniture comes in many different styles, it’s perhaps best known for its fluid silhouettes and flowing lines. Slim and sophisticated, French furniture is created with an unerring eye for detail.

Although there are some designs that are larger than others, all French coffee tables share the same effortless appeal. From the shabby chic to the glamorous, polished styles, coffee tables which celebrate the French style irresistibly draw the eye.

If your decor is more rustic, look for a coffee table that’s more organic or has a distressed finish. Antique items work with this style particularly well, offering an authenticity which can’t be matched.

For those whose decor is classic, the highly polished and ornate French collection of furniture will suit your home. One of the most iconic styles associated with French design, the intricate carvings and polished finish offer a timeless and high-class appeal.

Choose what’s right for you

At Vinterior we have an immense collection of French coffee tables to check out. No matter what you have in mind, you’re sure to find something that takes your fancy.

Smaller rooms suit square or rectangular coffee tables as this maximises the use of space while larger rooms could also consider circular or oval designs. Practicality is also a factor; if you have young children, it might be better to avoid a design with sharp, angular corners.

If you’re not sure exactly what type is right for you, let Vinterior provide inspiration. Our French coffee tables are just part of our collection of high-quality French furniture and can bring a little zing into any home.

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