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French vintage and antique furniture can be the perfect fit for your bedroom if you are looking to create a truly romantic environment. A great way to inject instant elegance and sophistication into your bedroom decor, French furniture is a stylish choice. Of course, the focal point of every bedroom is the bed, and this is where you’ll want a real statement item. French beds are striking and dramatic, and available in a range of different styles and themes. Here at Vinterior we’ve got French beds to suit both classic and rustic boudoirs, so whatever your personal style you’re sure to find something you like. Check out our online marketplace for the latest vintage and antique items at affordable prices.

French beds: style and substance

There are many beautiful styles of antique and vintage beds, but if you are looking for a refined style that is opulent and luxurious, it’s hard to find better than the French style.

Your bedroom should be your sanctuary, the place where you can take refuge and truly relax in settings you feel comfortable in. Knowing that you are surrounded by decor that is soothing and calming is a great help, allowing you to unwind.

Studies show that being surrounded by clutter and mess increases feelings of anxiety and stress, even if the person isn’t consciously aware of it! Therefore, the combination of practical storage and polished appearance offers a solution that can really benefit your ability to keep things tidy – and therefore more attractive.

If you have a large bedroom, you can really embrace the French style with a big bed that takes centre stage, supported by complementary furniture including a wardrobe, dressing table and maybe even a wing backed chair. However, more compact rooms can still make the most of the look, with a statement French bed in an otherwise more lightly decorated room.

French beds: choose your style

French furniture has a reputation for being highly polished and intricate, with a sophisticated appearance that suits classic and traditional decor. While this may be true, there’s a deeper variety of French styles that are compatible with other types of settings too.

If your home has a more rustic appeal, look for French beds which are made from white, distressed wood. Clean and appealing, this type of French styling looks wonderful in farmhouse type abodes and suits shabby chic décor, too.

Upholstered French beds simply ooze glamour and you’ll find it hard to resist their inviting allure. Comfortable yet sophisticated, you’ll discover wonderful, fluid curves complemented by luxurious padding creating a look which is quite simply palatial.

French decor also doesn’t have to be a feminine environment – a common misconception. Despite the range of romantic, delicate furniture, and there are some themes which work particularly well in a more masculine setting. Look out for French oak beds which are strong and chunky, without relinquishing the wonderful curvy silhouette which is so much admired. Louis-inspired beds are another good choice, often made in black wood such as ebony but offering a dash of Baroque elegance and a more decorative appearance.

If you’re blessed with lots of space, the four poster bed is the quintessential piece of French bedroom furniture. Flamboyant yet regal, this extravagant bed is a real statement item.

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At Vinterior we have a collection of French beds in many different styles. Take a look at what we’ve got available today and you could soon be relaxing in your very own vintage bed, French style.

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