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If you want to transform a boring bedroom into something truly beautiful, the French style is something you might want to consider. Elegant and sophisticated, this timeless design is perfect for creating a boudoir to be proud of. French bedroom furniture comes in a variety of styles that are suitable for all. From Renaissance glamour to chateau chic, there’s something that will appeal to everyone. Here at Vinterior we offer a wonderful range of French bedroom furniture, perfect if you’re trying to create an entirely new look. From bedside tables to chairs, wardrobes and dressing tables, let us help inspire you to create a boudoir you’ll love.

Romantic elegance

The French have cornered the market on romance and this translates perfectly through their style of furniture design. Offering an inimitable savoir-faire, this style speaks eloquently through every beautiful curve, line and carving.

If you’re planning on creating a feminine bedroom, there’s nothing better than the dreamy qualities of French furniture. The ornate and intricate finishing lends an elegance that can’t be beaten while the overall shape is effortlessly attractive.

Choose white painted furniture teamed with pastels for a modern yet timeless appeal that’s feminine and entrancing on every level. Clean lines and white wood help to create an environment which is perfect for intimacy and relaxation.

If you prefer a more ornate appearance, there’s a huge selection to choose from. Rather than the white chateau, opt for floral finishes, exquisite detailing and maybe even a touch of gold or silver leaf. This type of French furniture fits in beautifully with a classic decor, offering a sumptuous and opulent touch.

Not just for the girls

While French furniture can be wonderfully girly and feminine, it offers so much more, too. For the men or those who prefer a more neutral decor, the more rustic look might suit.

Think shabby chic and you’ll be on the right track with a collection of pieces which wouldn’t look out of place in any French farmhouse. Sturdy yet with the same flawless finish, this style of French furniture still offers detailing and flowing lines, but in a more subtle way.

If you are open to French bedroom furniture that is flamboyant yet classy, check out the Moulin noir style. A black finish and racy design make this a choice for those who want to make a real statement.

A full suite of Antique French bedroom furniture

From antique to vintage, here at Vinterior we’ve got all the bedroom furniture you need to create a whole new look for just a snip.

Walnut and oak are the traditional antique woods for French furniture and you’ll find bed frames and wardrobes in these high-quality materials. However, there are also other options to explore, such as mahogany, pine and elm, to find the French furniture that fits your boudoir to perfection.

Starting with the bed-frame, and moving onto the dressing table and armoire, a full suite of French furniture doesn’t have to break the bank with Vinterior. When creating your French-themed bedroom, it’s essential to think about the accessories, too. Therefore you’ll want to consider mirrors, screens and wall art as the finishing touches, all in the same style as you’ve chosen.

Our range of French bedroom furniture is diverse and inspiring, so head on over and browse through our online catalogue today. Harness the sophistication of French furniture and you’ll soon be waking up in a bedroom that’s simply divine.

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