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During the 17th and 18th centuries, French culture had a significant influence on Europe as a whole. And nowhere can this be seen more clearly than in the way that French tastes in furniture were adopted widely – so much so that they could be found in many well-to-do homes here in Britain. Interestingly, this period is responsible for many designs that we still see and cherish in furniture today: the chest-of-drawers and the modern desk were both invented during this time. Subsequent designers in the 19th and 20th centuries continued to find inspiration in the work from this period, and original pieces remain desirable and valuable additions to the modern home. Find your dream French antique piece today and browse our rich collection of authentic French design pieces to suit all kinds of interiors.

French Antique Furniture Style

So, what features are characteristic of French furniture during this period? Styles and tastes in Europe at the beginning of the era were influenced by Italian furniture and favoured elaborate patterns and antiquity. Furniture and other decorative arts were used, most famously in the Palace of Versailles, to show off wealth and the power of the king, and so the emphasis was on detail and extravagance.

Distinctive features of furniture during the reign of Louis XIV were ornateness with symmetry, gilded bronze, tortoiseshell, ebony and intricate motifs. This period saw the arrival of the commode, which would later be called the chest-of-drawers, used for storing clothes and other possessions, as a more elegant and lightweight alternative to the classic chest.

Louis XIV’s rule came to an end in 1715, and with it the style of French furniture evolved. The Regency period saw many bloody wars in France, and the mood in the country sought a more fantastical and romantic style of decorative arts. Furniture was made lighter and more elegant, making it easier to move around should one wish to refresh the layout of a room. Pieces featured flowing lines and bulky furniture evolved into elegant, slim-legged tables and sideboards and delicately upholstered chairs and beds. Textiles were subtle yet luxurious, with patterns in gold and turquoise, faded rose and creams.

Why Choose French Antique Furniture?

Few interior design themes are as beautiful and timeless as those that include French antique furniture. From ornate gold tone picture frames to elegant upholstered seating, classic dressers to chic commodes, polished dining tables to authentic armoires, mirrors to French-style media units, get inspired by quintessentially French pieces that bring a touch of European heritage and class to both the classic and contemporary room.

Buying vintage and vintage-inspired furniture adds another dynamic to your room: as well as function, each piece of furniture tells a story and creates a sense of occasion. The quality and durability of French antique furniture is extremely high and, where there is the odd sign of wear and tear, this simply adds to the character and charm of pieces that have a rich history behind them.

Choosing an antique is also an environmentally conscious decision. With so many mass-produced and cheap modern items ending up broken or unused in a landfill, one of the best ways you can help the planet, while bringing a touch of history and uniqueness to your home, is to choose antique and vintage-inspired furniture to go in it.

Invest in French Antique Furniture Today

Looking to spice up your home with a touch of French antique elegance? Find all the elements you need to create a gorgeous interior that reflects your unique personality at Vinterior. Browse our extensive collection today and fall in love with classic furniture, crafted with care and built to last.

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