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Antique furniture has a following among many homeowners who appreciate quality, beauty and individual style. However, of all styles, French antique furniture is often among the most popular thanks to the unique beauty that it exudes. French traditional style has all the elegance and sophistication that homeowners expect from antique furniture. Capturing the opulence and magnificence of the pre-Revolution French royal court, French antique armoires take us back to an earlier time of unbridled luxury and glamour. Antique French furniture is characterised by exquisite design and fine lines that show the craftsman’s close attention to detail. Pieces were handmade to not merely be of practical use but also to be truly beautiful and an asset to the room as an artwork in its own right. Today, many furniture manufacturers use elements of antique French design in their own modern pieces, however the effect can never be more than a nod to the original splendour of a magnificent bygone era. It is no wonder, then, that genuine antique French armoires are so sought after among homeowners everywhere. Explore the Vinterior website, and discover inspiring antique French furniture in an impressive range of pieces.

French antique armoires – function and beauty in partnership

Although the main purpose of an armoire is a practical one, the real selling point of any French antique piece is its individually crafted beauty paired with functionality. Unlike many modern furnishings today which are built primarily to serve a basic need and with limited attention to detail, an antique French armoire was designed and built by hand to be a stunning and individual piece that would create pleasure for the owner every time it was used.

While there is no such thing as a typical French antique armoire, there are certain characteristics which you can expect to see. Sturdy and robust construction from high quality woods are a definite – there is no doubt when looking at a French antique armoire that the piece has been created to stand the test of time.

Another key feature is exquisite detailing. Even the most minimalistic and simple pieces have beautifully carved doors, and many having stunningly intricate scrolls and carvings that take any bedroom to the next level of opulent style.

The benefits of buying French antique armoires

While some homeowners are happy to settle for a modern replica or a contemporary mass-produced wardrobe for their bedroom, many more are searching for something individual and unique that expresses their personality and flair perfectly. French antique armoires can do this admirably.

It goes without saying that a French antique armoire has been constructed with longevity in mind, and one look at its solid wood construction shows how it has stood the test of time admirably. There is more to an antique piece than just quality and workmanship, however.

The true joy of choosing an antique armoire over a more modern piece is in the authenticity and history it brings into the home. Antique furniture brings with it a cherished past that makes it a piece to be treasured for a lifetime and beyond.

Discover Vinterior’s range of French antique armoires and bring history back to life in your own bedroom.

Find French antique armoires at Vinterior

Vinterior boasts an impressive collection of French antique armoires, in a broad spectrum of styles, shapes and sizes. Whether you have a clear image in your head of the perfect piece for your room, or whether you are searching for inspiration, discover a world of antique opportunity at Vinterior.

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