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There are few items of British furniture that command the same affection as the Ercol Windsor chair. A classic example of mid-century seating design, it fits beautifully in any kitchen or dining room. Here at Vinterior, you can find Ercol Windsor chairs that span the business’s entire history – with pieces ranging from the early chairs of the 1950s right up to those produced in the more recent past. If you are looking to furnish your dining room or dining area and feel the need to add that little extra touch of quality, don’t do anything until you have browsed our collection of Ercol Windsor chairs.

The Ercol Windsor chair design

Designed in the 1950s by Ercol founder Lucian Ercolani himself, the Ercol Windsor chair is widely hailed as a classic example of mid-century furniture for both its functionality and beauty. Built to emulate historic Windsor chairs, which first emerged in Buckinghamshire in the 16th century, the Ercol Windsor found that balance between the formality of the traditional dining room and the more casual approach to seating that began to arise in the post-war era.

To create these chairs, Ercol employed manufacturing methods that have been used in the creation of Windsor chairs since the 1700s, such as steam bending, which produces the gently bowed back. Over the years, the Windsor chair evolved slightly and it was the signature Ercol design with splayed legs that became iconic in the 1950s and 60s.

Why buy vintage Ercol Windsor chairs?

Like all Ercol furniture, the Windsor chair is built to last. Not only is it an iconic item which has proven, over the years, to be a timeless classic of furniture design; its use of natural beech and elm means that these chairs can take whatever busy home life throws at them. While some of the vintage pieces you will find on our online marketplace have had their upholstery refreshed – often in brighter and more eye-catching colours to make a bold statement – the wooden frames of Ercol chairs are robust enough to last several lifetimes.

When you buy vintage Ercol furniture, you not only buy into the revered history of the brand, but you can enjoy the unique history of the item itself.

How to style Ercol Windsor chairs

The beauty of the Ercol Windsor chair is that it is like a chameleon, fitting seamlessly into any kind of interior style and it can work for you, wherever you want to put it. Two Ercol Windsors fit beautifully in a tiny sit-in kitchen, accompanied, perhaps, by a matching Ercol drop leaf table, to save on space. If you have a big, family dining area, they look beautiful surrounding an enormous table – perhaps mismatched with other chairs, or painted in different colours to inject a feeling of fun to the room.

As an occasional chair in the corner of the sitting room, bedroom or even bathroom, the Ercol Windsor is also quite at home, while it is also comfortable enough to act as an office chair in the study. No matter what you need a chair for, the Ercol Windsor is an enduring design that has become a classic with good reason. It provides the comfort and excellence of centuries worth of development without ever compromising on Ercol’s signature style. Browse our listings now and discover the perfect Ercol Windsor chair for you. Want something a little more modern? Ercol is still going strong as a brand today and so you will also find listings that include much newer Windsor chairs.

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